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Grandpa is in Heaven

"I am sure there is a heaven, and that my Grandpa is there, he is our Angel.†Hereís why:†
When I was a boy, my mother gave piano lessons to augment our small income. Our piano was an old upright that was so decrepit that it couldnít be tuned, and had several keys that didnít play at all. We couldnít afford a better one. My grandfather, whose name was Joseph Weber, came to spend the last few months of his life with us. I donít know what he was suffering from, but he was very ill and couldnít get up from his bed. He would hear Mother talk about how difficult it was to teach on our old piano.

†Just before he died, he told her that when he got to heaven, the first thing he would do would be to make sure she got a new piano. Mom told him that she had been saving for years, and that all she was able to put aside was $50.00, not nearly enough even then. ďDonít worry, Ruthie,Ē he said, ď Iíll make sure you get one. Iíll send it right down from heaven.Ē A few days after Grandpa died, Mother got a call from someone who was moving out of our small town. It seems that they had a nice grand piano, almost new, and they had seldom used it and did not want to move it. They had heard that she was a piano teacher, and they wanted to know if she would like to purchase it for $50.00.

Only after it was all set up in our living room, and Mom sat down to play it for the first time, did she notice the brand name of the piano, written in big gold letters above the keyboard. It was a little known maker, the only one of that make that I have ever seen. Mother sat motionless, staring, before bursting into tears. It was a Weber. So that is how I know that my Grandpa is in heaven. And that is why I returned to God after a long absence.

By  Rex

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