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Always looking for inspiring stories to demonstrate the power of prayer, The Presidential Prayer Team shares this amazing story in the news today. Please pass it on to inspire others.

50 Christian truckers got together to pray to pray that somehow the sniper terrorizing the Washington, DC area would be caught. Ron Lantz would be retiring as a driver in a few days and didn't even live in the area, but he felt sure that God would answer their prayers. In fact, he told the others there that God was going to use him to catch the sniper.

A few days later he was listening to the radio as he was driving again through the region and felt compelled to pull off the highway to a rest stop. It was just a couple of miles from where the prayer meeting had taken place. As he pulled in, he was shocked to see a car similar to what was being described on the radio right there before his eyes.

Carefully trying to read the license plate, a chill went up his back as the numbers matched. He quickly called 911 and remained there for what he said were the longest 15 minutes of his life until the police arrived. He even pulled his truck across the exit, there would now be no escape for these elusive murderers. The rest is now history the snipers were taken into custody without incident.

Ron's testimony is being beamed around the world today. It shows the power of prayer. And in a class act, showing his true character, when asked what he would do with the award money, he said the half million dollars would simply be given to the victims' families.

The snipers killed 10 and wounded 3 around our nation's capital over the past three weeks, leaving the entire region in a state of terror. Yet out of the great darkness has also come a great beam of light as the world has heard a clear testimony of the power of prayer.

Note: There is much to admire in the actions of Ron Lantz, a truck driver from Ludlow, Kentucky, who pulled into a truck stop off of Interstate 70 in Maryland just before 1:00 A.M. on the morning of 24 October 2002. There he spotted an automobile a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice with New Jersey license plates matching the description he'd heard on the radio just moments earlier of a vehicle believed to be connected with the string of shootings in Maryland and Virginia. Lantz called the police, "told them there was somebody, you know, they might want to see," and followed the police's instructions to use his truck to block the exit of the rest stop to prevent anyone from leaving. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, a swarm of local police, FBI, and ATF agents descended upon the rest stop and took two sniper suspects, John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo, into custody.

Many of us would probably turn tail and run if we found out we were in close proximity to wanted serial killers. That Mr. Lantz calmly did as instructed in order to assist the police in apprehending the suspects is laudable, as was his proclamation that it would make more sense for the $500,000 reward he might collect to be given to the families of the victims instead.

By  Juilio

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