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I've been licensed and active in real estate since 1970, assisting others with buying and selling, and also acquiring properties for rental or resale. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I am exposed to many properties with much potential and I frequently purchase them.

A Victorian home that I had owned for over 10 years was divided into three apartments. It grieved me to see it so misused, yet the income from it was good. I finally decided to convert it to a two-family, began remodeling and moved into the lower level. In the back wall of the country kitchen I added a large wood-framed sliding glass door that I had purchased new at a yard sale. Lo and behold, there was no hardware with the door. I wasn't too concerned about locating the hardware because the door was contemporary and from a good manufacturer. Thus began my search. Hardware stores, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, lumber yards, discount stores... you name it, I was there. I searched everywhere I could think of, even contacting the manufacturer, but could find nothing in the aftermarket hardware.

After two or three months of this frustration, I got a phone call from my dad. It went like this. "Pat, did something fall off your truck when you left our house?" "Like what Pop?" "Some kind of hardware, new, in a box." "No, not that I know of, but I'll check next time I come over." "
Well, it was laying at the end of our driveway, as if it had fallen off of or out of something." "Okay, pop, thanks for the call."

Imagine my amazement and then my hilarity when I discovered it was the exact hardware that I needed to complete installation of my "bargain" yard sale door. All I could see was the dedication of my guides and guardian angels making a direct delivery of exactly what I needed to a place they knew I would be.

If you don't believe this was an angelic delivery... then you explain it to me!

By  Daniel

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