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The Tap on My Shoulder

For many years, I have experienced a presence that at times seemingly lands on my bed, then begins to move around me. At times it feels as though someone just took a seat beside me. I feel afraid because It simply cannot be seen, but I know it is without doubt something. Also, there are times when this movement seems to be more aggressive than other times.

I have asked this energy, "Are you the great I AM? If you are my mama, just somehow let me know. Just tap me on the shoulder... ,just something."

I turned over to settle in to go to sleep, when suddenly there was a firm tap on my shoulder. I suddenly sat up, threw back my covers, and no one was there. Not only does this movement occur at night, I can take a nap, and when I am still, there is this same movement. This happens quiet often.

Once, my sister was visiting and I went to sit down to watch TV, and I suddenly felt this same feel of energy sit down beside me. I said, "Hey, something just sat down beside me." It is difficult for another human being to believe me, but it is my honest experience. I used to hear my name called, the door bell ring, the phone ring, and I'm the only one who seems to be what I call "in tune" with this strange phenomana.

I have been known to keep light on in my bedroom at night and to check under my bed before attempting to settle in for the night. I don't necessarily see this movement, but I certainly know it is there, and I feel it. When it moves all around me, I mean I actually feel the mattress sink. I have sat sat up in bed with the lights on, and while sitting still, there is movement. Whatever this energy is, it is certainly not discreet.

By  Ruth Mendonsa

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