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Did Someone Need a Blessing?

Recently, a unknown family gave me Rs. 4,00,000/- so that I can help her daughter settle abroad. This was unusual, because I am not  an Agent (to send people abroad) nor do I know that family, neither do they know me.

Now that money, ( Rs. 4,00,000/-) I handed over to a influential person to do the job, so that the girl may go abroad. Later the girls family changed the mind from going abroad and the influential person refused to give back the money.

Ooooops.... So I am in a great sooooooup....

Now the question is, Why would GOD let that happen? I wondered !!!

And as I pondered all of this, several things came to my mind.

I sought  wondering why we (I and that family) had seemingly emerged from under His blanket of protection.

I looked for sin in my life. It wasn't too hard to find some. I repented and prayed for that family and also the influential person.

God desires to demonstrate His wisdom through different ways;

The wisdom here was that we are to bless and pray for others. Even the unrighteous cater to their friends, we are called to bless those who persecute us.  I realised,  as I prayed for that family and that influential person, that God was seeking a blessing for them!

Now if you think clear, its just that God was seeking to demonstrate His wisdom on this family and also on that influential person ! He is not willing that any person should perish, but that all should come to the saving knowledge. I then felt a multi-blessing in them. They were blessed because they received prayer which they obviously needed. I received a blessing because I was allowed to demonstrate God's wisdom.  (There was some cleansing going on amongst us) God was glorified.

The wisdom of God in allowing people into our lives, is for a reason. God was seeking a blessing for them!! And He was offering a blessing to me as well.

For years this had perplexed me. Why would God allow strangers to walk on us? It now begins to make sense. They needed prayer! They needed His blessing! They were allowed to stumble so that His grace could abound. He desires to demonstrate His grace as well as His wisdom on them.

We should not fall away nor should our love grow cold in spite of any offense that may come our way. Perhaps we could look at these offenses as an opportunity to demonstrate God's wisdom to someone who needs a blessing.

Isn't that what loving your enemies is all about? Let's populate the Kingdom with our enemies as well as our friends, and allow demonstration of God's wisdom through us!

By  Eduardo Sequeira

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