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Saved by A Prayer!

Girls who pray for deliverance from menacing thugs drive home in car that has no battery.

A young lady and her friend were delayed from getting home. It was late and dark and the usually crowded parking lot they'd used was now empty except for a group of young men standing nearby. They walked to their lonely car only to be surrounded by the cat-calling youths who taunted them loudly in the most obscene manner. They quickly got in the car, locked the doors, turned the key in the ignition but nothing happened. She tried again but the car still wouldn't start. As the young "men" shouted, laughed and harassed, the girls held hands and prayed. When she turned the key a third time the engine fired and they took-off.

Shaken by the incident, She drove to her father's home to tell the story and to have him check the car. He had purchased what he thought was a good reliable vehicle for his daughter and was angered to hear it had failed when it mattered most. He went to check under the hood to see if he could find the cause of the problem and found the battery had been completely removed. There was no possible way the car could have started. 
While the legend is meant to impart the lesson that the Heavenly Father looks out for those who pray to him (especially those who turn to him when their lives are in danger or their need is otherwise especially great).

By  Rita

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