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Heavenly Father wanted me to do the penance during the LENT time.
There are some things the Spirit is communicating to me these days.  I am continually reminded that the Father has something destined to inform people as overcomers in these days. He does not want any of His children to be lost, yearning that they might ALL be raised up... to Him!
Matthew 18:14
It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.
Why do I say that the Spirit is communicating to me?
Earlier too I experienced similar event, but this time it was different. Heavenly Father wanted me to do the penance during the LENT time. Which I realised only after the 40 days were over.
Now, What was that sign that God gave me?
As I have been working I have been aware that my AC (Air conditioner) compressor broke down on 1st of March 2009. The LG people took the AC inoder to change the compressor. The person in-charge of LG informed me that the AC will be delivered back to me in 4 days time as the compressor had to come from all the way from Pune to Goa.
When the AC did not come even after 5 days, I phone the LG people to find out the reason for not delivering the AC in time. They told me that the compressor that came from pune did not match my AC. So the things were delayed.
The second compressor which was sent from Pune delayed on the grounds that the first compressor was not sent back to them so as to send the new compressor, this some how took couple of days, and after all troubles, the AC came on Sat evening that is 11th April 2009.
Its very hot in Goa, it is a must to work in a cool atmosphere.
When the AC was not delevered for 40 days, It became clear that He has appointed me to encourage and strengthen His sons and daughters who are willing to count on His blessings.
As I was missing the AC, that too for 40 days, (The full LENT period) the Lord has provided a remarkable testimony to this. I also discerned this to be the will of the Father.  I was so impressed that the Spirit was speaking something that I wanted you all to know that we are never alone!
By such things the Spirit has reminded me that His focus is on all of us. He has set His eye upon those who are appointed for salvation, and it is His will that none of us be lost. The Spirit readily identifies for us the distinct mindset of each person. One can realise which one of us have embraced God by examining our life and beliefs.
Many say they belong to Heavenly Father, but they are not living as those who are called out from among the choosen one! Many people today are pursuing learning while doing everything they can to avoid suffering. Their knowledge is therefore distorted, corrupted, and full of error. Their  life has brought them to a place of dividing between soul and spirit.
Matthew 16:24 / Mark 8:34 / Luke 9:23-24
"If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.” The cross is the instrument of victory and transformation for all who belong to God... to those who are a part of the cross is the power of God to transform a fleshly creature into a spiritual being...

By  Eduardo Sequeira

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