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Christian greetings. Here I am sending the story of my house... Seby.
                            It was in 1990 my two daughters were studying in college in Margao, Goa. Since we were staying in Assolna, a small village 12 kilometers away from Margao, my daughters had to travel everyday. Moreover my third daughter had just passed S.S.C. and she would also be travelling along with her sisters to attend the college. So we decided that we should shift all of us to Margao. Till then for about seventeen years we were living in rented houses. Four times we changed houses because the owners would ask us to leave fearing that we may claim the house. We were fade up shifting houses. Anyway our decision was to have a house of our own. So we started praying for a second hand two bedroom flat in Margao. But money was a problem. I had eighty thousand rupees in my saving a/c and a second hand flat would cost not less than three to four lacs rupees in those days.
                            Since we were believers we were well versed with with God's word and His promises. My wife encouraged me and said. " Our God has promised us that he will provide all our need. Let us pray and claim the particular promise. (Phillippians 4 verse 19). We continued praying and claiming the promise. That was in the month of April 1990. In the moth of May as I was resting in the afternoon God spoke to me and said " Go to Margao at Aquem and enquire in Damodar Housing Society. There is one flat for sale there." I did not waste time.I came to Margao on my motor cycle and reached at Aquem. It was not much difficult to trace the place.  I inquired with the security guard. He could ot give any details. So I thought of visiting nearby pharmacy thinking that the owner may be be able to help me as most of the residents of that complex visit that pharmacy for their medicine. When I inquired with the owner, he said. " Yes,there is one two bed room flat for sale in that housing society." He was also kind enough to give the address of the owner. Till then God was taking me in the right direction. From pharmacy I drove straight to the owner's house which was on my way. Owner was not at home, so I left the message that I would be coming to see the flat on a particular day and the owner should be there in the flat on that day.
                    On the appointed day myself, my wife and my Pastor went to that flat where the owner was waiting for us. It was two bed room flat with lots of windows and doors. I inspected the flat and found no sippage and no lickage. Only painting was required. The price which quoted was quite reasonable. So I decided not to bargain and told him that I want to buy. He told me to pay the amount and he would sign the papers and give the key. I had eighty thousand whereas the price he quoted was one lac sixty five thousands. We three of us,myself, my wife and our Pastor went aside in one room ad prayed saying whatever we propose the owner should agree. Accordingly I said to the owner " Since the price is reasonable I don't want to bargain, we want to buy the flat but at the moment I don't have full amount. Now I can pay eighty thousands and I require some time for the remaining amount."
                 He said. " O.K. You pay me that amount and I will sign the agreement.I will give possession only when I receive full payment."
                 Then I said. " My two daughters are studying in college at Margao and the third is also going to join college in Margao. During rainy season it is very difficult for them travel everyday. I would be grateful if you give possession now."
                  He went aside and thought for a while.And then came back to me, gave the key and walked off. He did not say a word. We were shocked.We were speechless. He did not even bother to know my name nor my address. We went home praising God. After about fifteen days I went to their house and paid eighty thousand rupees and signed the agreement. He gave me six months time to pay the the balance amount. Meantime I got the flat painted and other small small repairs were done. And we shifted in the month of July 1990. I also paid another fifty thousand rupees in August. And remaining thirty five thousand rupees I paid after six months and got the flat transferred on my name. This is the way my God provided flat for us ad fulfilled His promise. Hallelujah. Glory be to our God.

By  Sebastian D'Souza

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