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Myself currently working in Dubai as Accounts Secretary, I am from Mapusa Ė Goa, got married in Saligoa and now building house in Sangolda, Goa - with Godís help and blessing.

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After marriage I always had a dream to live in the house that will be ours, where there is no one who could stop us from entering into your own house.For I had to hear and bear a lot staying at my in-laws place, plus I was never happy with their behavior and wrong doings.I always asked the lord to give us our own house, where we can stay in peace.God heard our prayers and gave us a plot in Sangolda at a cheaper rate, than we started building our house, we had no money to build the house, so friends and relatives helped us with some amount and balance we took from the bank and later covered the people with whom we borrowed.All these planning of arranging money and helping hands of friends and relatives was Godís plan, I had surrendered all my tensions and headaches to him and I knew only he can take care of it and he really did.

We had only the bank loan to pay every month, so we used to transfer the amount from Dubai. Here also we had bank loans, since we have a school going daughter.For what we earn goes here only for rent, school fees, baby sitting and food expenses. Life in Dubai is really very tough now.

This December 2008 we went down forthe inauguration of the house and though we can rent the house and the same money will cover the installments, but we were not finding the correct party for house renting.So we said maybe these are Godís plans he will do what is right andleft for Dubai.When we came here i would have lost the job as per the company information if I was late by one week, the company was going to inform the employees who are on leave not to return, instead if required will call.Here also God helped us.Than regarding my rent, our flat1 bedroom was going to get renovated and we were going to be shifted to the new flat which I had booked, but came to know that the same flat was given already to some other family of 2 bedroom who could not afford the rent.Then when I checked with the owner he said you are lucky yours is the old flat with the old rent, only after renovation rent will increase.There also I was saved.Thank God.

Then it was recession time, salary was reduced for all the staff, I was tensed after vacation so much expense plus the bank loan every month, how we will cover all these amounts.So we told our friend we want to sell this house, so immediately within 1 months time we got a buyer who purchased the house and we got a very good price for it.Within the same amount we paid the bank fully plus brought another property and also has money to build the new house.God has really gifted us this house, which I had asked from him and really thank him for all that he has given us.He has never failed us always ready to help.

I would like to tell you all brothers and sisters have faith in him, surrender all your troubles to him, he will take care.Always praise and thank him as many times as you can.


Teresa Fernandes


By  Teresa Fernandes

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