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Wedding Dove
In September of 1999, my grandmother passed away. She desperately wanted to attend the wedding of one of my cousins, but died three months prior. In a picture my mother had taken of the bride, groom, and my grandfather (who is also a minister) with a digital camera, there is what seems to be a dove over my grandfather. My first thought was it was merely a reflection of something. I zoomed in, but couldn't find a light source. By- Jason Darr

Cloud Angel
Here is a picture I was given of a cloud formation. This is the second angel I have seen in the clouds. Amazing.  By- Len Crabtree


Angel of Light
This picture is of a light form that had appeared to me in my bedroom 15 years ago. I have not seen it again but definitely feel the presence of others. I call it "my angel." By- Dawn Andres

Rachel and the ???
Here is the photo I took at our farm in Dale, Texas of my husband's daughter and a friend. It clearly looks like there is someone sitting between the girls on the swing.   By- E. Roberts

These photos were taken by my cousin of his roommate on the couch with his pets. They were taken almost in succession, and if you look closely, the vortex is actually moving or shifting in the pictures. His house is 225 years old located in Middleburg Va. They said they've heard only a few "unexplainable" noises since living there. I've taken pictures of "orbs" there myself.  By- Ed M

This photo that was taken Jan. 1999 of myself. All the other pictures were normal. Myself and the person who took the picture were the only two in the room at the time. I didn't know the picture was being taken, and told her to rip it up when she had them developed.  By- Sammie

At Mt. Shasta
This photo was taken at the headwaters of the Sacramento river, a group of springs that form the river. Several strange occurrences have taken place here, such as healings, visions, and other psychic phenomenon. The photographer was not smoking. No one within 20 or so feet away.  By- Michael O.


This photo was taken where they filmed the famous "priest falling down long-stairs" scene at the end of the movie The Exorcist in Georgetown, D.C. I know for a fact that the REAL occurrences actually happened to a little boy who lived in Mt. Rainer, Md. (not too far from Georgetown). Still I know a few people who still experience weird stuff out there at all times of the day and night. Could this be a curious soul?   By- Myk


Front Yard Enigmas 1
I've taken several pictures that have had strange things show up that I did not see when the pictures were taken. I live in northeast Texas. These pictures were taken in my front yard during the past year. The first was taken at night as I was attempting to photograph some strange lights, and the last in late afternoon. It may be of interest that a few old cannon balls have been found in the area, possibly from the Civil War era.   By Robin Gill


Son Still Visits
I lost my son 8 weeks ago. While sitting at home with my daughter, the stereo turned itself on and off several times, then I noticed a plant moving as if in a breeze. I asked my daughter to take a photograph of the area and I spoke to my son to show himself if he was there. The picture was normal just after taking it, but the following day the bubbles had appeared. By- Philippa Bradley

Divine Presence
This picture was taken in August, 1990. If you look closely you can see my son playing under the light. This picture was taken along with several others that day and all of them came out normal. Ghost? Angel? All I know is that it is the most beautiful thing that I have ever had the privilege of laying my eyes on. I truly believe that my son definitely has someone or something watching over him. By- Sherie Taylor


Child near Water
I have an e-mail friend in Australia who sent me a series of photos that she had taken. When I looked at this one I immediately saw the image of a girl child sitting near the water's edge. She has a white long-sleeved dress on, arm is bent at the elbow and her hand is resting on her chin. She has cropped curly blonde hair and a hat on. She almost looks like she is posing for the photo. What do you think?  By-Becky

Wedding Angel
It was an interesting coincidence that my daughter chose September 30th 2000 for her wedding day as it was also my aunt's wedding anniversary who passed away this past December 1999. (We didn't know of the nuptial coincidence until one of the wedding gifts was opened that included a note from my mother that explained the history.) This photo was taken by myself only a few seconds after another photographer took a photo of the same setting. I remember not even really wanting to take it, I just mindlessly snapped the photo and went on with the events of the day. Needless to say, there was nothing between myself and my youngest daughter in the center of the photo.By- Mikey Ned

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