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One night about a week ago I was lying in bed thinking about people and other stuff. I had just turned off my stereo that I was listening to. So I knew I was wide awake. I was about to turn over and go to sleep, but then my cell phone, that I had turned off and put on the charger, suddenly started vibrating. I felt a warm gust of air on my face. My cell phone turned on and started ringing (the number that popped up was one I had never seen before). I picked it up and said hello. The voice on the other line said, "You are safe now," and then it hung up. I tried to call it back, but it said it was out of service.

The next morning, I woke up and was still thinking about that phone call. I went downstairs to get some breakfeast and I noticed the door was partially open, just a little crack. I went down to close it, thinking that my roommate must have left. But he doesnt leave until noon and it was only 9:30. So I went down and the door had been broken from the outside. I didnt involve the police because I knew what the phone call was about. Something or somebody had stopped whoever broke my door from getting into the house.

By  Maureen

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