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My sister was deaf, and I was hard of hearing. But one time in summer camp, something extraordinary happened.

My older sister Tara and I were both diagnosed with hearing loss when we were children. Surgery helped me get some of my hearing back, but Tara lost all of hers. I became my sister's ears. I learned sign language and everywhere we went I was her interpreter.

During the summer after my freshman year in high school, Tara and I attended our church's youth camp. We had to rough it: A four-mile hike in the middle of the night was one of the activities. It was a challenge to relay the guide's instructions to Tara by sign in the darkness. But it was all worth it, because we both looked forward to the popular inspirational speaker who was going to address us at the end of the week.

At sunset on our last day, hundreds of us campers rushed toward the arena, jockeying for good seats. Tara and I ended up in the last row, where the sound from the PA system kept fading. I could barely hear the speaker. I glanced at Tara. Tears started to well in my eyes. My sister will never know what this inspiring man has to say.

I bowed my head. God, we need you, I prayed. I was at the edge of my seat trying to catch even one word. Then suddenly, incredibly, I could hear the speaker's voice loud and clear. I tapped Tara on the shoulder and began to sign furiously. But she stilled my hands and looked at me in amazement.

"Shh, Carly," she whispered. "I can hear him, too."

“Majesty, Worship his majesty”

Majesty, worship His majesty
Unto Jesus be glory honour and praise
Majesty, Kingdom, Authority
Flows from His throne
Unto His own
His anthem raise

So exalt, lift upon high
The name of Jesus
Magnify come glorify
Christ, Jesus the King

Majesty, worship his Majesty
Jesus who died, now glorified
King of all Kings.
Jesus who died, now glorified
King of all Kings.

By  Carly Dawn Rogers, Boise, Idaho

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