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Dear Members of Guardian Angel

I wish to thank all the above brothers and sisters for their prayers and support. Now, Flavia got married to this guy, who is her 1st cousin and is 54 years old while she is just 34. Also he is a widower with a 20 year old daughter. He is now living with Flavia abroad and has no job.
Yes this is testing time for me and the rest of my family.
Please pray that God may help me to cope with this situation.
Thanks once again.
- Lena Pinto

Lena, God is so gracious indeed, that he not let allow the worse to happen... may the LORD our GOD touch the hearts of your family, feel the abounding LOVE and COMFORT that everything that happen has in God's own plan.
Show Flavia and her man your love ..... wishing yours and Flavia's family a beautiful future...
Guardian Angel


Dear Guardian Angel,

I have been trying to get my daughter Flavia to find a suitable life partner but things went wrong and she fell into a wrong relationship. Our whole family is upset and they are praying for her to come out of this. Please my guardian angel protect her from the evil one and restore my Flavia back into our family who love her very much. Also pray that the Holy Spirit may inspire her to leave the job and come home.


The power of prayer at work

Flavia will come home with her own will if we at Gaurdain Angel pray for her. Lets not just watch Flavia destroy herself and wished she could understand how much her family suffer. Going away from family is not a destination it can be a wrong journey!

Together we can do a little bit to bring life in others lives, because even a small prayer can make a big difference. Our world is a gift, and so are the living angels, helpings them can be fun, fulfilling and easier than ever. No matter where you are at in life, or in a journey. Just say a small prayer.

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