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My Mother's Angel

In 1981, my mother had some surgery and was recuperating. She couldn't drive at this time, so my sister drove her to her friend's home for a visit in the nearby town. It was a cold, rainy day, and my mother felt pain around her sutures, but didn't want to let her friend down. When they got to the friend's home, strangely she wasn't at home. Rather than drive all the way back, my sister and mother decided to go to a restaurant nearby. At the restaurant, both of them got out of the car, and just as my sister slammed the door, she realized she had locked the keys inside. Neither of them had a spare key, and neither of them were members of an auto club. My sister said she'd go inside to make a phone call for a locksmith.

My mother chose to wait outside with the car. She sighed, "Oh God, I feel so bad. I just want to go home." Just as my sister went into the restaurant, a white pickup truck pulled up next to their car. A man in a white shirt and no jacket came out. (Strange, as it was a cold day.) He was about 30, very handsome, and asked my mother what was wrong. She told him they had locked themselves out of the car and the key was in the ignition. The man went to his pickup and pulled a "slim jim" out of the cab. (A "slim jim" is a metal tool that is used to unlatch car doors; locksmiths have them, and it's unusual for ordinary people to have one.)

In one try, he popped open the lock to one of the side doors. My mother said, "Oh God bless you!" And the man smiled, climbed back into his pickup. He said, "God bless you, Gina." He drove away.

My sister came out just as the pickup disappeared out of sight. She couldn't find anyone inside who could help her, and there wasn't a phone inside to make a call. She was inside for less than five minutes and was prepared to see our mother still outside the car. What a surprise.

The questions are: How did this stranger know my mother's name? And why did he come just at the time my mother asked for God's help? He didn't even go inside the restaurant. Very strange. My mother said this had to be her angel.

By  Jenifer pereira

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