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Fatherly Words....

All willing children carry Me in their hearts and search for My spirit because their souls had recognised Me. And you, My child, will hear My voice whenever you sacrifice your time to Me, and My work will not be without success for you. The hours during which you fear that you lack the necessary strength to do My work will diminish. Very soon you are given a mission which you can easily carry out with My help. Your faith, love and will become great because I Myself will be your reward.... and eagerly you will strive for this.

Understand that those who seek the world cannot find Me but those who look for Me I will meet and reveal Myself to.... Whoever surrenders to Me shall possess Me, and whoever prays for My grace is in My grace, because to truly understand My Word is My love's gift of grace.... So prepare yourself to receive My gift as a sign of My love. Take care of your soul, My child, acknowledge My love and make an effort to feel the purest love for Me in your heart because all impurity has to be removed from the heart in which I shall live, since I only find pleasure in pure love, in love which does not demand and only gives itself.... which is willing to do everything in order to serve.... Pure love is as precious as a jewel, it brightens its environment with its light, it brings happiness and just wants to give at all times.... When this love has taken possession of your heart you will accept Me in yourself and keep My image in your heart, and this will be a supreme blessing for you even while you are still living on earth. Whatever is destined for you while My love takes care of you has yet to be hidden from you because you achieve the degree of maturity only by constantly striving for My love. It is to your advantage to call upon Me and My presence from the bottom of your heart.... when you commit yourself to your Saviour in earnest prayer.... I will appear.... unexpectedly.... and move into the abode that your love prepares for Me and bring blissful happiness to those who believe in Me and love Me.... I will not let My children, who give themselves to Me, live in want and will reveal Myself to them at the right time....


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