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“An angel from Heaven appeared to Him (Christ) and strengthen Him”
(Luke 22:43).

"For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him". (Colossians 1:16)

"Who has gone into heaven and is at God's right hand—with angels, authorities and powers in submission to Him". (Peter 3:22)

And again, when God brings his firstborn into the world, he says, "Let all God's angels worship him" (Hebrews 1:6)

"At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven". (Matthew 22:30)

"When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven". (Mark 12:25)

"The angel of the LORD called out to him from heaven, "Abraham! Abraham!"
"Here I am," he replied. (Genesis 22:11-18)

Defination of an Angel as per Encyclopedia :
Benevolent spiritual beings who mediate between heaven and earth. They often serve as messengers of God or as guardians of an individual or nation.

What Are Guardian Angels?
Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that are "assigned" to assist people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several person or several angels for one person is open to question. But whether you believe in them or not, or whether you want one or not, believers of angels insist that you do have a guardian angel.

What is their assignment? "Angels intercept at many junctures in our lives and help wherever they can to make our lives run smoothly. Sometimes this is by inspiring a thought to spur us into action, at others it is to lend us super-human strength, such as in the case of a woman being able to lift a car long enough to free her trapped child. Or we hear of a runaway truck, with an unconscious driver at the wheel, inexplicably swerving sharply at the last moment to avoid a bus stop queue of people. In fact, there are many instances, which are often put down to luck, coincidence or even a miracle, but which have the touch of a hand of light behind it."

So why don't angels come to a person's aid every time it's asked for? "Angels must stand back, whilst giving loving support only, as we work things out for ourselves - these are the times when we feel alone, the dark before dawn."

How Do We Know Angels Are There?
Even those who believe in the existence of angels concede that they rarely make a physical appearance. However, there are other ways guardian angels can make their presence known, they say.

"Some people say that they hear angelic sounds totally beyond human description," "Others have a feeling of sudden warmth or comfort, or, in times of sadness or grief, a gentle cloak of feathered wings wrapping softly around them. Sometimes angel energy may feel entirely different - like a sudden rush of air created by the passing by of an 'angel on a mission' at the speed of light. This is often noticed at times of impending disaster. At other times, simply an inexplicable presence is felt."

How To Contact Your Guardian Angel ?
We all have guardian angels that are willing to communicate with us, but that most of the time we are just too busy to listen.

If we are attentive, and are willing to remain open to this communication, we can receive subtle messages that can help us in our daily lives.

"If you want a clear and concise message from your angel, you must ask a direct question. Your angel will always answer your questions. You must ask your question out loud. Clear, concise questions will get you clear, concise answers. Answers will always be tangible and explicit, something you can put your hands on. The answers I've gotten I could pick up and examine. Asking a frivolous question will get you a silly answer. The universe will match your level of sincerity."

Angels are always willing to help us, but we have to be willing to accept the assistance since we have free will.

  • Writing a letter to your guardian angel - spelling out your problem and your need
  • Visualizing - "see" protective angels around you in your mind's eye
  • Call them mentally - think your plea to the angels
  • Speak aloud - state your case verbally
  • Thank Angels at all time, if you have received any help
  • Ask again and again, the job of an Angel is to help you, angels are only for helping you, they will ask God and give you or inform you why its not good for you if at all you don't get what you are asking for

    Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down. Be aware of your breathing... Let your body become limp and relaxed. Empty your mind; create space, just as though the whole of the universe was there, inside you. Now just be. No doing. Only being. Communicate to your angel that you wish to connect with her/him. Wait in peace. Be aware of what happens. It may not seem much at first. Be patient. Subtle changes will occur. You may see light, colors or form. You may be aware of a presence. You may feel tingling sensations. You may feel emotion. You will feel love. You can ask or invoke, use stillness for clear reception, use "heart sensing," pay them by sending them love, and maintain harmony in your aura and home environment.

    Is all this just superstitious folly? Is the idea of guardian angels just a human invention designed to help people cope with difficult problems? Or are they real beings? The matter cannot be proved or disproved definitively. Perhaps only your own faith or experience can determine their reality for you. If you believe you have had an experience or encounter with an angelic being, please write and tell me about it. Your true story will be included in a future article.

    The Good Angels The book of Hebrews calls angels "ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation" (Heb. 1:14). Angels minister in many ways to us, and I'd like to look at some of their ministries with examples from the scriptures as well as some modern anecdotes.

    And it was an angel who told Philip where to go in his travels so that he could meet the Ethiopian eunuch and lead him to Christ. (Acts 8:26)

    Angelic ministry to us can include powerful encouragement. When Paul and his shipmates were caught in a horrible storm and faced shipwreck, an angel appeared to him, assured him that not a life would be lost, and that he would live to stand trial before Caesar. (Acts 27:23)

    One mother of a young girl told me that the night after her daughter's cancer surgery, a very tall nurse with long braids, a real Amazon, ministered to her all night long. She was caring for the girl with a strong but gentle tenderness, and talking with the mom about how good God is. After they went home, the mother decided to write a thank-you note to the nurse, and called the hospital to ask for her name. Everyone--even the head of nursing--insisted that there was no nurse with that description working at the hospital. She believes God sent an angel to encourage her through that dark night.

    This world is a dangerous place, and angels can provide supernatural protection. Daniel tells the story of how an angel shut the mouths of the lions when he was thrown into their den.

    A young lady named Myra worked in the inner-city ministry of Teen Challenge in Philadelphia. One neighborhood gang liked to terrorize anyone who tried to enter the Teen Challenge building, and they harassed Myra as well. One night, when she was alone in the building with the ing on the door, she felt she should continue to try to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus. As she opened the door, she breathed a prayer for protection. The boys suddenly stopped their shouting, looked at each other, turned and left quietly. Myra had no idea why.

    Later on, as the staff people were able to build relationships with the gang members, the ministry director asked them why they dropped their threats against Myra and left her alone that night. One young man spoke up, saying, "We wouldn't dare touch her after her boyfriend showed up. That dude had to be seven feet tall." The director said, "I didn't know Myra had a boyfriend. But at any rate, she was here alone that night." Another gang member insisted, "No, we saw him. He was right behind her, big as life in his classy white suit."

    Another young woman walking home from work in Brooklyn had to go past a young man loitering against a building. She was fearful; there had been muggings in the area recently, and she prayed for protection. She had to go right by him, and although she could feel him watching her, he didn't move. A short time after she reached home, she heard sirens and saw police lights. The next day her neighbor told her someone had been raped, in the same place and just after she had passed by the young man.

    She wondered if the man she'd passed was the rapist, because if it were, she could identify him. She called the police and discovered they had a suspect in custody. She identified him in a lineup and asked the policeman, "Why didn't he attack me? I was just as vulnerable as the next woman who came along." The policeman was curious too, so he described the woman and asked the suspect about her. He said, "I remember her. But why would I have bothered her? She was walking down the street with two big guys, one on either side of her."

    Rescue (View this picture carefully)
    Sometimes, angels rescue people in danger. It was an angel--if not the Angel of the Lord, who is the pre-incarnate Christ--who joined Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, rescuing them from the flames.

    My friend John told me that he and a friend were walking through a rough neighborhood one night when 12 or 15 gang members jumped them. John took two punches and sank to the ground. He expected to be robbed and severely beaten, but he wasn't. Instead, he heard a voice from about six feet up: "It's okay, they're gone." He looked up and saw his friend who mysteriously was now about 25 feet away, leaning against a wall with his fists still clenched as if he were ready to fight. But there was no gang. They just disappeared. And there was nobody next to John.

    Guardian Angels
    Do we have guardian angels? The Lord Jesus did say, "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:10) And (Psalm 91:11) promises, "For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."

    One day, when my son was a baby, I tripped while I was holding him, and he went flying headlong toward a brick wall. There was nothing I could do to protect him, but I watched as he inexplicably stopped an inch from the wall and fell gently to the carpet. I knew immediately that an angel's hand had been his bumper pad.

    These are only a few of the stories of thousands about angels who protected and rescued people, both Christians and non- Christians. But a nagging question continues to arise: where are the angels when girls are raped, and drunk drivers crash headlong into a car of teenagers, and evil people blow up buildings with hundreds of innocent people in them?

    The angels are still there, continuing to minister in pain and death. We usually don't realize the role of angels in the midst of horrible circumstances because their work is unseen and often unfelt.

    Behind the question of, "Where are the angels?" is the very difficult problem of why a good God would allow pain and suffering. The book of Job gives us two important insights into the problem of pain: first, when disasters and suffering assail us in the physical realm, there may be something bigger and more important going on in the unseen spiritual realm. Second, God never gives Job an answer to his demand to know the "why": He just says, "I am the sovereign Lord, acting in ways you cannot understand. You just need to trust Me, that I know what I'm doing." The fact that God is in control, that He allows all pain and suffering for a reason, is the great comfort that we need to remember when it seems like the angels have forsaken us. They haven't, because God hasn't.

    The Bad Angels
    There are good angels, and there are bad angels. All of them were created as holy angels, but about a third of them rebelled against God and fell from their sinless position. Satan, the leader of these demons or unholy angels, is a liar, a murderer, and a thief. (John 10:10) He hates God and he passionately hates God's people. The Bible tells us that he prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). We need to remember that Satan and all the demons are supernaturally brilliant, and Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).

    It's this masquerade as a holy angel that is behind the current angel craze in our culture. While there are a number of wonderful Christian books available that relate stories of holy angels helping people, there are many books, publications, and seminars that are filled with demonic deception of the ugliest kind. Because when you start talking to angels, you end up dealing with demons.


    Sometimes, angels give guidance to God's people so that they will know what He wants us to do. An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and instructed him to take Mary as his wife and to name her baby Jesus.
    (Matthew 1:20-21)

  • What our culture needs in response to the angel craze is strong discernment built on the foundation of God's word. We need to remember, and share with others, three truths about angels:

  • 1. The ministry of holy angels will never contradict the Bible.
  • 2. The actions of holy angels will always be consistent with the character of Christ.
  • 3. A genuine encounter with a holy angel will glorify God, not the angel. Holy angels never draw attention to themselves. They typically do their work and disappear.
  • It's very true that many have "entertained angels unaware" (Hebrews 13:2). But we need to make sure we're entertaining the right kind of angels!

    The Knowledge of Death: 

    "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, but only the Father". (Matthew 24:36

    May Angels Rest Beside Your Door,
    May You Hear Their Voices Sing,
    May You Feel Their Loving Care For You,
    May You Hear Their Peace Bells Ring,
    May Angels Always Care For You,
    And Not Let You Trip Or Fall.

    May They Bear You Up On Angel's Wings,
    May They Keep You Standing Tall,
    May They Whisper Wisdom In Your Ear,
    May They Touch You When You Need,
    May They Remove You From Each Trace Of Fear,
    May They Keep You From Feeling Greed,
    May They Fill You With Their Presence,
    May They Show You Love Untold,
    May They Always Stand Beside You,
    And Make You Ever Bold.

    May They Teach You What You Need To Know
    About Life Here And Here-After,
    May They Fill You Always With Their Love
    And Give You The Gift Of Laughter.


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    Comfort to our family
    by Rex on 28th Jun, 2007
    " has been so helpful to me and it is a great comfort to our family and Krystal's friends to have a way to celebrate her life... Please pass along my thanks to your team. Whoever designed this service must have a great deal of compassion. When a loved one dies, you want to have a way to share their life with others."
    Mom's Happy now
    by analisa somosot on 28th Jun, 2007
    " is absolutely beautiful and so easy to use. Thank you so much. Although I'm no where near finishing it, it's already tremendous comfort. Our Mom was worried so much that her children will forget her. But they won't be, because of this site." -
    Thanks & Gratitute
    by Sera on 28th Jun, 2007
    "I would like to express my thanks and my gratitude to you for making GuardianAngel like this available to everyone who has lost a loved one and who can meet their Amgels. I can only imagine the work and the thoughtfulness that must have gone into creating this. You and your team are to be highly commended for the effort you must have put into its creation and development. I have found much comfort in both adding information of my memorial for IMMANUEL DON P CRUZ as well as coming back from time to time to visit Guardianangel and read about angels.
    Nice information
    by jerome on 4th Jul, 2007
    I feel truly blessed to have come across . I must say I feel spiritually more guided and know that my guidance is here with me every day. I feel more confident in my daily living and I feel as if this site was guided my way to give me answers and comfort as well as knowing my purpose...
    Do Angels Exist
    by Brian Hendrickes on 19th Jul, 2007
    I LOve it and i like it
    Fire Technician Consultant
    by John Ferds on 10th Sep, 2007
    I belive in the Angel they still with my side in happiness or any worries they come forward in my need I just call them & pray is been answer's never it has fail till now.
    God bless
    by Michael on 9th Oct, 2007
    Thanks for your information and support to let me walk in the path of "Success" by being close to my Guardian Angel and enriching in spirit by going thru this valuable book on how to " Walk by spirit" God bless U & ur Family.........
    My mother loved Guardian Angel so much
    by Myrna on 3rd Nov, 2007
    "My mother, Lena, loved Guardian Angel so much that she tried to talk with everyone she knew about it. During the last few months of her life, while in Hospice Care, she sent letters and information about Guardian Angel to many friends and relatives. She also requested that we have a large Guardian Angel sign at her funeral. We decided to set up a large Guardian Angel poster with lots of information at the funeral. The priest spoke about Guardian Angel, and we also had information in the memorial card about the network website, including the phone number. Four of Lena’s children also have Guardian Angel in our homes as hopepage on computer. My sister has chosen Guardian Angel too, I also want to send you a copy of my mother’s memorial card and a picture of the Guardian Angel display we used at Mother’s funeral. May God bless you as you continue your great work in His service."
    Great site
    by Abigail on 9th Nov, 2007
    I've always had a love for Angels, so when I heard about (This Site) I knew I had to open it. ONCE opened! oh! It is a fascinating website, not only for me and my personal life but also the way our life actually is. This site is more enjoyable than any site I have come across. Wow! it has real life stories too which are of the great interest to me and my wife- Abigail.
    blessings and hugs to all
    by Ruthy on 29th Feb, 2008
    I know it may have sounded a terribly stupid question but my knowledge is completely lacking in this area n as I pointed out my belief that this was christian based meant I felt uneasy about exploring or even learning more about angels though I saw the beautiful part it plays in many peoples lives as I didn't want to dishonour any beliefs.
    My own ignorance is my greatest foe So be warned ill be back with a bundle of questions no doubt
    blessings and hugs to all...
    by Mercy on 8th Mar, 2008
    Angels don't pick and choose between faith, nationality or gender. They have no prejudice, no matter what our belief system may be. I come from Irish linage where i was raised Catholic but yet was taught about the metaphysical because we have abilities in my family. I was educated with the balance of both sides, although i must say that i was hindered by my religious upbringing. I have made a choice to leave this behind and incorporate my own belief system. I am comfortable with this. Angels transcend all levels,all faiths, all religions, all beliefs.They know their own limitations and not specified by human kind. I have seen angels since a child and i see the angels of others. What a gift i have been given and am appreciative of this. Angels are limitless in their help, love, care and they pass no judgment onto others. My angel has been by my side and i have more than one, although i am yet to know their names, which i would like.
    Do Non Christian have angels?
    by Ruth on 13th Mar, 2008
    Eduardo, you make an excellent website...I'm was born and bred a catholic, but you'll find me at the local Pagan store down the street alot of times..I'll go there for insense and sage and all that new age stuff and I still believe in God it doesn't proud of your spirituality and don't let anyone down you for your beliefs...if you don't have a problem with it, no one else should.
    Quick question Iv been wondering about for sometime: Is there a place for angels in the life of a non Christian or are they solely to be found in the Christian belief structure? thought ye'd be the best person to ask

    [Admin Reply] Everybody, without exception, has angels.
    by Bunny on 13th Mar, 2008
    God allows suffering in the world because of the sin of Adam and Eve. Before the fall, there was no pain, suffering death. It was only after they were tempted/fooled by the devil, that our first parents were expelled into the world of suffering and death. Because God gave us free will, now we are in the world, and this is what is in it, as well as the offer of redemption. God always keeps His promises to is up to us to follow through. This site is wonderful Thanks Bunny
    My pages
    by John on 6th Apr, 2008
    Great site and useful content! Could you leave some opinion about my sites?
    I believe in Angels
    by Eugene Teslia on 8th Apr, 2008
    that is so true about angel and i believe in them
    by Sebastian D'Souza on 11th Apr, 2008
    In this site you are glorifying Angels more than Jesus which is absolutely wrong. God does not like anyway. Jesus has died for us. No one should try to rob His Glory.

    Admin Answer: The site glorifies Heavenly Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and not the Angels!!! Angels are our messengers and our guide....
    enchanting sight.
    by Eusebio Francis Fernandes on 5th Jun, 2008
    Let you through your guardian angel through the intercession of Jesus be blessed by Almighty FATHER and give you more wisdom for starting this site and let all the seven main angels guard over you.(1)Gabriel.(2)Michael. (3)Zachariel. (4)Raphael. (5)Anabel. (6).Samuel.
    (7)Zachiel.from their seventh HEAVEN.
    Pretty nice site
    by John Williams on 21st Aug, 2008
    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)
    by Lindsay Crasto on 28th Aug, 2008
    I was made to believe that everybody has a guardian angel .The rich boy who drives a merc and the poor lad who begs for alms on the street corner. It is the cry for help that attracts the angels to anyone and everyone that lives on this planet. Although mankind does not believe in angels it is certain that they exist among us. We as mortals may be tricked into believing that we have and know a guardian angel that is protecting us at all times like a paid bodyguard on full time duty. I'm really not sure if this is how everyone feels but this is not really what an angel is supposed to do. An angel is our spiritual guide who prays, stays and lifts us out of danger that is present and also appears in our dreams to guide us. I believe an angel is friend to all who are religious and spiritual and like the write up in the above page we have to be very careful on who we decide to be our guardian angel.
    remember the Devil (or what ever name you wish to call him ) is very cunning and not what he/she appears to be at all times.
    On My Knees
    by Erin O 'Shea on 9th Nov, 2008

    On My Knees

    my boring hours have been delighted by your website
    by jeremy30 on 19th Dec, 2008
    dec 19, 2008
    2:05 am-Philippne Time
    i was in my office that time searching for websites about anything since i was doing nothing. i went to a certain search engine and type in there stories of guardian angels and it lead me to your websites, as i was reading the whole page including the testimonies of the people being touched by some stories i felt this sense of gratitude that there are people who believes in the presence of angels because i do, i thanked you for putting a website like this because you are helping people who are in a great depression to be strong because they are not alone, there's someone guiding them all the time-a being sent by God whom we can't see and sometimes being ignored but in the end is still ready to rescue us and lift us from loneliness. More power and I look forward for more inspiring stories from your website!
    save by my guardian angel edmond himself
    by kim on 5th Apr, 2009
    when i had cancer angel edmond save my life himself
    save by my guardian angel edmond when i had cancer five years ago
    by kim on 19th Apr, 2009
    i was save by my own guardian angel edmond himself when i had cancer five years ago kim
    by SANDESH on 5th Jun, 2009

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