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My Son's Angel

First of all, I have to tell you this about my son. He was always painfully honest to this day and he is now 23. I was a single parent and never caught that child in a lie in his life he is to this day very moral. Secondly, my Mother died when I was 11 years old.

When he was seven, he came running in the house on a usual day with an unusual tale. He said he was out riding bikes and running around like all the kids did, and he said he was running really fast and tripped on something he didn't see. As he looked at the ground he was about to hit, there was a 2x4 with a big nail sticking out pretty far -- and it was headed right for the middle of his forehead. There was no stopping his momentum. Suddenly, two adult-size hands grabbed him around the torso and set him upon his feet, just like that -- and there was no one near him at the time. There was no doubt in my mind that he was telling the truth, not just because of his track record; my heart sensed it too.

While writing this, it just occurred to me, another incident that happened when he was a very small baby and that they may be connected. One night, I was down the hall of our very small house I was home alone with my son; he was about four months old. We had had a very frightening experience with his alcoholic dad that put my son in jeopardy for a short time, but he and I were safe now. My soon-to-be ex-husband was now living at his mom's. So I was alone with Josh. I was back at the end of the hallway sitting on the edge of the tub running a bath. Where I was, I could see the living room. Josh was in a room right off the living room in his crib asleep. Suddenly, I knew someone was sitting in the chair in line of my sight, but there was no one physically there. I turned off the water. Seeing as my son was in the room next to this thing, I had no choice but to confront.

I walked boldly into the living room and sat down on the couch and looked at the chair. I said, "What do you want?" The cushion moved. The feeling was the same as if there was a physical person sitting there. It was incredible and I was not afraid, although it was very emotional and I attributed it to adrenaline at first. I kept my cool, which didnít last long. Suddenly, I felt a difference in a part of the room. It was as if a door to another place altogether had opened up in front of me. The entity, as I will refer to it, came to me and put its arms around me. As it came to me, the closer it got, the more love I felt so intensely, and as it got closer I came to know who it was.

It was my mom. By the time she actually embraced me, I was in joyful tears. So intense was this feeling, it gives me pleasure to think of it and brings me to emotion. She moved over to the room my son was in. I was overlooking this room and tears were running down my face. She was next to his crib now, admiring him and telling me without words how beautiful he was and how loved he was. I saw her smile at me. My heart felt something I didnít know it was capable of. At this point, I really couldnít take the emotional ride this was and I said, "This is too much for me. Please come back another time." And she was gone. Maybe she's been with us all along.

By  Dr. Jerone

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