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I often wonder if this saying is true "What you sow, you'll reap" in other words, God gives as per your inner conscious ?

LAW does not apply to GOD! He can do what ever He wants and no one can question Him. He can make a wicked man rich, famous, healthily and prosperous but a honest man a beggar.... That's His will. And how can anyone question Him? He is the  LORD forever and there is no one who can  challenge His authority and power! After all, everything in the world belong  to Him.. He rules for ever and ever, and there is no end to His Kingdom.

Even Moses did not want the task He had given him... When God wants He wants it... no matter who you are. He can select anyone and give whatever he wants... whenever He wants... however He wants...

Now if we go as per the saying ""What you sow, you'll reap"" than we are fit to receive nothing... still He gives... why? because He loves us and gives us freely... remember it is He who initates and we take-over.

There are many people who want to make a change in their lives but are unable to do so. Frequently, it is fear that keeps them from making that change.  Fear of stepping outside of their comfort zone, fear of the unknown and even fear of failure.

That's not the end... I know people that will not openly talk about God for fear of being labeled a Jesus Freak, or heretic. They strongly believe in the word of God but are afraid to express how they truly feel because of what others might say about them.  They won't even bow their heads when eating in public for fear of being caught in a position of worship.

It happened to me too, when I started writing for this website, I was afraid that others wouldn't find any value in what I had to say. Infact I did not want TO START this website " GUADIANANGEL".

BUT, I truly had to be accountable to God and myself. Today I am alive because He has saved me from many dangers... And in return, what have I done to Him?

Obviously, I wasn't expecting "GUARDIANANGEL" website... Its too risky and lots to do with bible reading... and I have not touched Bible for more than 15 years nor did I attend Mass every Sunday. My going to Church was only on a easter day and christmas / new year.

Frankly, I was not afraid of being rejected, but was very sure that I would not be able to build "GUADIANANGEL". Then one day, I realized that the only person, who was holding me back, was me. If I truly believed in my heart all of the things that I had been taught and BELIEVED about the word of God, then I had to overcome my fears and step out on faith.

Now! The word of God had already told me that the Holy Spirit indwelled within me.  The word of God had already said, that
"I can do all things through Holy Spirit."  The word of God said, "He would never leave me nor forsake me." His word says that He gives strength to the weary, blesses and encourages our hearts.

So my friends, I challenge you to trust God and know that He can do anything but fail and that means that if You trust Him, so will You, no matter who you are!

Or-else this world will be filled with evil people and WE are to be blamed!

Ah! Why WE?

The Bible tells us Satan has a kingdom. Jesus called him "the ruler of this world" (John 12:31). Paul said he was a prince with power over "the air." The devil rules the atmosphere in which we live and breathe. His ideas influence conversations we hear. He shapes much of the content in today's movies, TV programs, and music. All our lives, he has been broadcasting, and we are in agreement with him. He's willing to use anyone and anything to convey his diabolical messages. This is what has to be overcome.
Satan also has followers to do his bidding. In addition to his hoard of demons, he also seeks to lure people into his service. As Paul said, his spirit "now works in the sons of disobedience. " Many people, even without knowing it, come under this satanic influence.

Satan is with us always. But we have to understand that nobody else can dicide for us, God has given us our right of choice of whom we want to be in union with. When God begins to convert us, He makes us well aware that we have a choice and that we can resist and determine who we want to be united with—God or Satan—just as we can determine in our own lives who we want to be friends with.
Yet the kingdom of darkness has limits, and Satan can be defeated. It's crucial that we not be "ignorant of his devices" (2 Corinthians 2:11). This means we can't walk "according to the course of this world" or seek to fulfill "the desires of the flesh and the mind." Instead, we must live under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

God has put us into the position where we have the opportunity to use our time and energy to make the choice of whether we will be in union with Him. He leaves the choice to us. It is a tremendous thing that He does this because it produces wonderful effects.
Today, remember that God has given you the tools to defeat Satan. But you must fill your life with God's Word and fight in the power of His Spirit. Declare the promises of Scripture, and let them shape your thoughts. Be ready to exercise the authority God has given you. Be careful what you allow into your life through TV, the Internet, and other media. As a member of God's Kingdom, you can be victorious!

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