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A dilapidated building collapsed in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday, killing at least 20 people who had defied orders to vacate the structure, Another 30 people were injured and hospitalized. Mumbai city officials had told residents living in the old building to leave it because of structural concerns. Many residents on the higher floors of the building survived while those on the lower floors who were not so fortunate were trapped under the rubble,
"The notice had been issued last year and the tenants had been asked to evict their homes. The tenants were not co-operating in conducting the repairs suggested and negotiations were on,"
"Two of my friends, Pramod and Priti Chaurasiya, were recently married and were living in one of the rooms. Both are now dead," Another friend Sunita Chaurasiya, has lost six relatives in the incident.
I ask each of you to try to set some time apart to pray for the one who are in pain and sorrow. Please pray for the soul of the dead too. If you can't set apart time please pray while's driving, doing chores, working, etc. Also, some of us will be fasting, I encourage anyone willing may do so!
I am one of the neighbor! If you visit here please meet me!
Thank you and God bless!

Micheal Pereira

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