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Dear Guardian Angel Friends,

I write to you'll after a long time.  Am deeply disturbed as things seem to get from bad to worse. 

Am a great believer in Jesus and I know he is there for me and won't let me down.  Though am presently going thru a difficult phase in my life, something good will definitely come out of this situation as God works his miracles thru such complex situations.  That is what is written in the bible too.

However, i am disturbed on hearing that my husband may be possessed thru black magic.  Though I don't believe in such things his behaviour leaves me in doubt and hence I turn to you my dear friends for help and support.  If any of you has faced such a situation in your life and have come out of it please share with me your experience so I could get some help and guidance too on how to face it in my life.

My husband does not go to church nor does he believe in God anymore and hence its easy for him to be attacked by these evil ones. 

I continue to pray and ask God for guidance. 

Also a request to all of you my dear friends to lift me up in special prayers as we are to get possession of our home next month finally.  I pray that my husband does not object to giving me the keys (its a joint property with both our names on the agreement)

This whole month i've stayed at my maiden home as I have been very sick hence not sure what is cooking out there in my in-laws home. 

My husband did not even wish me on my birthday 18th August for the first time this year and it hurts me so much that the one who loved me and promised to stand by me till the end of time has forgotten on his promise.  His birthday was on 15th august and I did send him an sms but there was no response to that as well.  Can love die off so easily?

Continue to pray for me dear friends while I do the same for each of you.

God Bless




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