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O' Unborn Child

O' Unborn Child

A heart rending song written by a sidewalk counselor out of love for defenseless
children of God about to be slaughtered with the permission of an uncaring world.

"O' Unborn Child"

Oh unborn child, life is there inside you 
It's soon the time for you to be born 
While you await, a sinning world makes choices 
Your parents say that you must die 
You're put to death, you've known no love or mercy -
the pain was great for nothing you had done. 
Oh unborn child - 
My Christ, the baby Jesus 
Forgive us - We know not what we do. 
Oh child - oh unborn child 
Oh, oh, oh child of Thine.

Oh barren womb, you've killed your only children 
The hope of man for years yet to come 
They were that child that found that cure for cancer 
The president that brought the world to peace. 
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,
the doctor, the priest... 
all wise and Godly men. 
Why did they die - 
why did they suffer so? 
Abortion - the death before you're born. 
Oh Lord, my God 
My Lord, Oh, oh, oh my God.

By  David

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