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Sebastian D' Souza -his wonderful comments

      To comment, may seem scary for some at first, but hold fast! It is elegantly simple for Mr. Sebastian D' Souza ...a good comment presents its own particular challenge to the reader, even the most extreme idea can give rise to intuitive forms of architecture that have an important role to play in the search for a new responsiveness in Life.

1. » Mysteries & Miracles
(a)Save your soul. 
2. » Do Angels Exist ?
3. » GuardianAngel
(a)Thank you for opening this site for specially to those who are in need of prayers. 
4. » Hell Exists !
5. » Misleading Quotes
(a)Know who you are. 
6. » Happenings
(a)Spreading word of truth (Jesus) 
7. » Purgatory
(a)There is no place called "purgatory" 
(b)"For by grace you have been saved through faith."(Ephesians 2:8) 
(d)Follow God and not men.(Acts 5:29) 
8. » 7 Deadly Sins !
(a)Come to Jesus and you will be set FREE. 
(b)We cannot fight with our own strength. 
(c)Living Phenomenon. 
9. » An Abortion
(b)Abortion is a murder. 
10. » Prayer Helps !!!
(a)Commit your life to Jesus. 
11. » The Holy Eucharist
(a)Lord's table. 
12. » Punishments ?
13. » Marriage
(b)Divorcee can marry. 
(c)Be like Jesus. 
(d)Sincerety counts. 
(e)What is happiness? 
(f)Nothing is impossible for God. 
14. » God's Grace
(a)Born Again 
15. » Virgin Mary
(a)Word of God is above all. 
(b)Word of God is above all. 2 
16. » After Abortion
(a)Curses of sin. 
17. » Sex for Marriage
(a)Sex before marriage. 
18. » Bible with Music
(b)Listen and also obey which is more important. 
19. » Audio Bilble VIII
(a)People don't have time. 
20. » My Marriage
(a)Bible teachings is authentic. 
21. » Divine Mercy
(a)God is Everywhere. 
(b)There is difference in friendship and relationship. 
22. » Demons ? (evil spirits)
(a)Power of God. 
(b)There is hope in Jesus. 
(c)Anonymous letter does deserve attention. 
(d)Benifits of being " Born Again " 
23. » Satan?
(a)Born Again 
24. » GOA
25. » God, speak to me !
26. » Abigail Hobbs
(a)Witchcraft is forbidden in the bible. 
27. » Daily Readings
(a)Jesus is the way. 
28. » Faith
(a)Know your God 
29. » Goa Churches
30. » Soul ?
(a)God is faithful. 
(c)God is faithful.......continued. 
31. » A Recipe for Basic Prayer
32. » Healing Relationships
(a)You will see the effect within few days 
(b)Jesus calls. 
(c)Jesus.The only Saviour. 
33. » Divorce
(a)Faith counts. 
34. » Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(a)Thank you for opening this site for specially to those who are in need of prayers. 
(b)Faith does wonders. 
35. » Come Home Flavia !
(b)Faith counts. 
36. » Prayers for a dying child
(a)Salma's recovery 
37. » Who is GOD ?
(c)How to know God. 
38. » Can Children suffer for Parent's Sin?
(a)Jesus is the answer for the world today. 
(b)Wrong advice. 
39. » Can I get my Love back?
(a)Fools need sympathy. 
(b)One lie leads to another lie. 
40. » Sharon's husband possessed thru BLACK MAGIC ?
(a)Jesus is the answer for the world today. 
(b)Faith Counts, Nothing else. 
(c)Faith without Jesus. 
41. » Black Magic & Witchcraft
(a)You have hope in Jesus. 
(b)Jesus can help you. 
(c)There is a way. 
(d)Accept Jesus as your Saviour. 
(e)People prefer " Poverty " 
42. » Spiritual Life
(a)Man cannot change himself. 
43. » Can the evil spirit harm us?
(a)Evil spirits 
(b)Piece of advice to Josephine 
44. » Generation Gap !
(a)Faith counts and nothing else. 
45. » Re-marriage an Adultery ?
(a)Faith counts and not religion. 
(b)Little knowledge is dangerous. 
(c)Desire of our heart. 
(a)God is our creator. 
(b)Jesus is the answer for the world today. 
(d)How to commit one's life to Jesus. 
47. » Satan worshippers
(a)End time. 
(b)We cannot pray for dead people. 
48. » Can live-in together before marriage escape a divorce?
(b)Request does not mean Judgement. 
49. » 23 Minutes In Hell
(a)Our God is a loving God. 
(b)Be ye holy for I am holy. 
(c)Trust God for everything. 
50. » Real Heaven-video
(a)Wonderful Book. 
(b)Wonderful book. Continued....... 
(c)Note of Mrs.CHOO THOMSON 
(d)Human philosophy. 
(e)Faith counts and not the number. 
(f)God's word gives life. 
(g)Knowlege puffs up but grace gives understanding. 
(i)What is "BORN AGAIN" 
51. » A Miracle! Prayers saves people from Airbus A320 !
52. » Unborn baby grabs surgeon !
(b)There is a way. 
53. » I suffer from abortion angst !
(b)Sacrifices and penance does not help. 
(c)Selfrighteousness is a sin. 
54. » Don't Wait for the Attack to Get Prepared
(a)Faith can do wonders. 
(b)People want healing and not Jesus. 
55. » Prayers for ~ A Gift of Child ~
(a)Only faith can help you. 
(b)Relation and not Religion. 
56. » Dreams of Last days to come ?
(a)End Time. 
(b)God uses anyone especially ordinary people. 
57. » Difficult life for Christians?
(a)Christian life is not a bed of roses. 
58. » MICHAEL JACKSON has become a Muslim !
(a)Religion spoils even good heart. 
(b)Jehovah's witness. 
(c)Pray for Michael. 
(d)Bible is a book of Love. 
(e)Sinner cannot go to heaven. 
59. » ~It Is What It Is !~
(a)Seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything will be given to you as well. 
(b)Your Father knows what you need. 
60. » Prayers, Rosary helps couple endure Mumbai terrorist attack
(a)Salvation is in only Jesus.(Acts 4:12) 
(b)There is one mediator between man and God and that mediator is Christ Jesus. 
(c)You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free(John 8 :32) 
(d)God wants obedience. (I Samuel 15:22) 
(e)" My sheep heareth my voice." 
(f)Obedience counts and not religion. 
(g)Thou shall not make..................... 
(h)Obediance counts and not religin. 
(i)God did not make religion but man. 
61. » Prayers for Nirmala's Principal
(a)Only prayers is the answer. 
(b)What God has joined no man can put asunder. 
62. » Why Doesn’t God Answer?
(a)Who says 
(b)Need of Introspection. 
63. » Two plane crashes in New York - What does this signify?
(a)God is Just. 
64. » God is still in control
(a)Only Jesus can help........ 
(b)Solution which has not proved it's worth. 
65. » Dreams and the Holy Spirit
(a)If anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation..(.II cor.5:17) 
66. » Catholic's Live ?
(a)You are saved by grace and not by works. (Ephesians 2:8-9) 
(b)" All have sinned and come short of God's glory." 
(c)God wants all men to come to repentance. 
67. » Abortion Clinic Owner - Family Tragedy - Plane Crash Kills 14
(a)God is just....continued. 
(b)Follow Jesus Christ and obey Him. 
68. » Praise The Lord In All Things!!!
(a)Heart felt sympathy. 
69. » Noah's Ark
(a)A lesson to learn. 
70. I think the world is going to end !!!
(a)Accept or Reject,no third opinion. 
(b)Those who are in Christ will go to heaven. 
71. » Homosexuality legalised? Now Animal + Men Marriages will follow...
(a)God says. 
(b)Prayer has power. 
(c)Life is a gift from God. 
(d)We have promise keeping God. 
(e)We should know our God. 
(f)Seek the Lord . 
(g)" Repent,for the kingdom of God is near."(Mathew 4:17) 
72. » Pray for people who suffered in Typhoon and earthquakes devastated Asia
(a)Wake up before it is too late. 
(b)Here is another calamity knocking at the door. 
73. » Eduardo Sequeira
(a)" Know your God." 
(b)To, Mr.Alban John Lewis -You can fool people but not God. 
(c)" Be holy,beause I am holy." ( I Peter 1:16 ) 
(d)" Come to me who are weary and heavely burdened and I will give you rest. "(Mathew 11:28) 
74. » Why do you exist ?
(a)" Do what it says. " (James 1:22b ) 
(b)Focus on God our Saviour Jesus Christ. 
75. » The Devils Plan
(a)Satan is a defeated foe. 
(b)Satan loves worship. 
(c)Know the living God. 
76. » Am I Unique?
(a)To realise what we are,we need Jesus. 
77. » World's Redeemer
(a)" Know your God. " 
(b)Have more faith. 
(a)Are you redeemed? 
1. » Black Magic V/s God's Power
(a)All are affectd by the black magic and curse no matter to what relegion he or she belongs.Unless one becomes child of God 
(b)Wrong teachings. 
2. » God's Love. [The Pastor and his son]
(a)Missing the message. 
3. » Christmas greetings from a Protestant Brother - to all Guardian Angel Members...
(a)Invite Jesus in your life. 
(b)Invite Jesus in your life. 
(c)Invite Jesus in your life. 
4. » ~This is an act of God~
(a)Faith nothing but Faith. 
5. » Did Someone Need a Blessing?
(a)God Speaks. 
(b)Jesus is the answer. 
(c)All are God's creations but all are not God's children. 
(d)God is Just. 
(a)Abortion is murder. 
7. » Saved by A Prayer!
(a)It is better to save our soul than our body. 
(b)" Come to me who are weary and heavely burdened and I will give you rest. "(Mathew 11:28) 
8. » God is Love? God is Also Powerful !!!
(a)Know the Living God. 
9. » Difficult Times !
(a)God's Elect. 
10. » Heavenly Father wanted me to do the penance during the LENT time.
(a)Accept Jesus as your Saviour. 
(b)Good News for everyone. 
11. » Footprints
(a)God wants to walk with you. 
12. » Promise keeping God !
(a)God wants to bless everyone. 
13. » A Preacher, a Barber, and Free Will
(a)We have no right to blame God. 
(b)"ome to me those who are weary and laden and I will give you rest. " (Mathew 11:28) 
14. » Importance of the WORD
(a)Loose anything but not faith. 
(b)Sow and you will reap. 
(c)God speaks. 
(d)Holy Spirit teaches everything.(John 14:26) 
(e)Without the word of God no one will know God. 
(f)" My sheep hears my voice. " (John 10:27) 
15. » Miracle Survivor Bushwalker Saved by God
(a)I was lost but you came down in search of me. 
17. » The Testimony of Rev Yong Thang
(a)Flesh and blood does not inherit kingdom of heaven.( I Corinthians 15:50 ) 
(a)Religion is the biggest hinderence. 
19. » What We Heard
(a)" Hear those who have ears. " Jesus. 
20. » When Science Investigates Prayer - A Noted Physician Finds Tangible Proof
(a)God speaks. 
21. » God and the Spider
(a)God listens to that prayer which comes from our heart. 
22. » The Satan's Fall - Do not put off the good you intended to do
(a)Sinners are slaves of SIN. 
23. » Encounter With Jesus
(a)Anything is possible with Jesus. 
(b)Salvation is a passport to heaven. 
24. » Voice from Heaven
(a)Spending time with God is important. 
(b)If you want to hear God,come to God. 
25. » It's A Miracle - Being a Child of God.
(a)" All have sinned and come short of God's glory."(Romans 3:23) 
(b)How to become child of God. 
26. » Jesus healed me
(a)Commit your life to Jesus. 
27. » The Fruit of The Spirit
(a)Spirit gives life. 
28. » Letter from Hell
(a)Do not believe in your traditions but the word of God. 
29. » Windshield Wipers
(a)" Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Never.Not at all.(Romans 6:1& 2) 
(b)" There is no one righteous,not even one. "(Romans3:10) 
(c)Are you redeemed? 
30. » SFGTD (something for God to do)
(a)" It is finished." (John 19:30) 
31. » Eucharistic Miracle: Siena, Italy
(a)Have you surrendered to Jesus? 
(b)have you surrendered to Jesus? 
32. » The second Eucharistic miracle of Sienna
(a)God's plan for mankind. 


God's plan for mankind. (Continued...)
God's plan for mankind.(Continued...)
God's plan for mankind.(Continued...)


God Bless Mr. Sebastian D' Souza,
His Family,
And All Readers of his Wonderful Comments
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