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Pinball Angels

My van broke down in Tennessee as I drove to Virginia. I hitchhiked to a truck stop after having the van towed to a local mechanic. I spent my last two dollars on chips and a drink. I started to ask people if anyone was headed north to Viginia. Nobody would help me. Hours went by as I looked at magazines. All of a sudden there was a man and woman with blonde hair wearing all white. They were playing pinball. I walked over and asked if they may be going to Virginia. The woman said sorry and smiled at me.

I walked back to the magazines. After their game, they walked over to me and asked if I was hungry. I explained how I was now broke. They treated me to dinner. It was getting late and they said they lived in the motel next to the truck stop. I was hesitant, but they seemed very kind. I also needed a shower. I noticed in their hotel room they had no other belongings or clothes. I asked about this and the woman said, "Don't you know what we are?" Then the word angels came to my mind and the room seemed to get brighter and more comfortable.

After I showered and came to my bed (it was a room with two beds) I was worried again and the guy said, "We install aluminum siding on houses around here, and help out folks who travel." We watched some TV and I fell asleep. I'm a light sleeper and whenever I woke up the other two were just smiling peacefully, like they don't really need sleep. The next day, they bought me a bus ticket. Before I got on the bus, we prayed together. They reminded me to be blessed and be a blessing. Halfway to my bus I turned around... and they had vanished.

By  fenity vaz

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