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Why can't I go for another Guy?  

Admit it, at some point I’ve felt like saying yes to marriage. “Sometimes there’s a feeling of ‘he’s too good for me' -“Both I and my boyfriend have been in situations where we’ve either left for someone else, or have been left by someone else, so our instinct is to protect what we’ve got.
I know, a confident woman wouldn’t stand for a player – I’d say ‘if you do that again, it’s over’. Sharing a fantasy with your man is the perfect way to inject passion into your relationship, but if he plans to go forever! I just cannot give myself to a new guy?
Its not Love as some may think (or may be love), its just that we a intimate lovers, and since he does not plan for marriage, all this issue.
I have read good advice on this site as comments and articles, my question is why cant I give myself to another guy?   



One should know about "Soul Ties"!

What is a SOUL TIES?

How does it work?

Is Sex the only way for Soul Ties?

The human being is composed of eternal spirit, intellectual soul and fleshly body. God imparted the spirit into the womb at the moment of conception. The soul is normally thought of as mind, will and emotions. The soul and body grow as we develop as humans. When we die, God will take our spirit and soul into the spiritual world leaving our fleshly body behind. We will recognize each other when we get to Heaven because we will have our souls which contain our memory.

An animal is composed of soul and body but no spirit. When the animal dies, there is no indication in the Bible that God preserves any part of the animal or that any earthly animals will be found in heaven.

Soul ties are simply becoming one flesh according to the Bible; the souls are united. Soul ties are invisible ties between live humans, live humans and dead humans, and live humans and animals. Soul ties between live humans would include husband and wife, man and whore, woman and gigolo, man and man, and woman and woman. Soul ties between humans and animals would include sex with animals by men or women. Soul ties between live humans and dead humans would include any inability to give up the dead and influence of the dead on the living.

If a married person is divorced or separated, or if a former mate is dead. Than he/she has a soul tie with that person that needs to be broken, unless you plan to reunite with that person after temporary separation.

Demons have a spirit and soul but do not have a body.

When we unite with another, we unite in the soul. A demonic tie is formed between men and women depending on what the sin is all about. A soul tie or some form of demonic tie may be formed with beasts, demons and objects.

There is a good soul tie between godly married mates. This was established by God as one of His Laws. When there's no former mates, that marriage is godly soul tie. They become one flesh. They became one flesh when are united in sex. Marriage in the Bible was consummated when the couple came together sexually. They simply went into the tent, had sex and they were married in the sight of God. There is no need for paperwork or formalities in the sight of God; these are needed for man's world.

Fornication is all sexual acts outside of godly marriage union. Fornication would include sex between men and women before marriage even if the consenting adults got married after sex. Most people think that if they get married after a child is conceived, it is not illegitimate. In the sight of God, the child is illegal.

A soul tie is formed immediately upon the sexual act. God made the woman to have a strong attraction to the first man that she had sex with.

Adultery is ungodly sexual acts in marriage with another person. Adultery is also defined as fornication. If a man or woman has sex outside of marriage with another, then a soul tie is formed with that person. When the married person goes to bed with their godly mate, it is as if they were bringing the other people to bed with them. The other soul to whom sex is performed is also involved during this time. This explains why people have some problems with their sex lives.

Sex with the harlot, whore, prostitute, gigolo (either male or female) causes a soul tie to be formed just the same as if the marriage was legitimate before God. Any soul tie outside of marriage is ungodly.

The world gets caught in the age-old trap of thinking that sex is love. Sex is not love; sex is sex. Sex in marriage should be sex with love but may only be sex without love.

Homosexuality forms soul ties between men and men or women and women. They have united their souls through the sexual act of sodomy. There is now a spiritual tie between them similar to the ties of being married. Sodomy causes strong demonic action.

Bestiality is the sexual union between man or woman and beast. It may be that a soul tie is formed between the person and the beast. Have you noticed that some people treat their animals as if they were their children? Why do people have an ungodly attraction for animals and not for humans? It is not all for bestiality but it illustrates how a person can be attracted to animals as if they were humans. [ Animals are to take care of men, not men of animals ]

Many Christians act as if there was no force in the spiritual world either good or bad. They may act as if God had no power or would not exercise that power in the lives of men. They may act as if Satan had no power or could not exercise that power over them.

God is all powerful, all knowing and all present: Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. God exercises those qualities in our lives whether we realize it or not.

Satan is the second most powerful being in the universe, only second to God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He and his forces can do demonic miracles to fool men. Except for Jesus Christ on our side, we are powerless before him. With Jesus Christ on our side, we have power over Satan.

You may act as if Satan was a buffoon, or wore a red suit with a tail and carried a pitchfork. You need to know your enemy. It is Satan and his forces, not man, that is causing you problems. Satan has billions of the angels, billions of demons and billions of the human race in his army. We don't need to fear this mighty enemy, but we need to respect his power and learn how to overcome the enemy's army.


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In the next issue, you really have to tell people how to break the former soul ties in the name of Jesus, and to always have Godly soul ties.
-Nancy Fernandes

Distroying the yokes of Shame and Guilt !

Remember: A soul tie is the knitting together of two souls that can either bring tremendous blessings in a Godly relationship or tremendous destruction when made with the wrong persons.

A soul tie is a spiritual connection between our soul and that of another person.  Soul ties are important to address in sex addiction because they can hold us back from achieving complete victory over our addiction. 

There are good soul ties and bad soul ties.  Good soul ties are commonly created in marriage and healthy friendships (Malachi 2:15; Genesis 2:24, 1 Chronicles 12:17, Colossians 2:2). 
Bad soul ties are created through sinful relationships and/or activities.  Examples of situations that could create bad soul ties:


  • Sex sin:  Sex unites people physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If we have sex with people other than our spouse, we create soul ties that cause all kinds of problems (spiritual confusion, emotional confusion, sex addiction, compulsivity, obsession, etc.).
  • Looking at sex images, memories, objects and fetishes:  These activities can  establish a soul tie with an evil spirit.  An example of this is found in Hosea 4:17 when Ephraim became joined with his idols.  A tie may not be established in every instance, but it is certainly possible.  Example objects:  a favorite porn depiction, a garment worn by a former lover, pictures of former lovers,  a cherished sexual memory.  
  • Sexual abuse/molestation:  This can result in soul ties between the perpetrator and the victim.  If you have been involved in sexual abuse, please seek healing prayer and Christian counsel as you proceed in your journey to freedom.
  • "Unhealthy" relationships:  Examples include relationships characterized by manipulation, guilt, emotional abuse, co-dependency, unnatural affection, envy and/or lust.

How to know if you have a bad soul tie:  

  • Ask the Lord: Take a moment to ask God in prayer to show you if you have soul ties that need to be severed.  If the Lord brings people to mind or you think there is a possibility of a soul tie, proceed to pray to cut the soul tie.    
  • Look at the fruit:  A way to determine the nature of a soul tie is to examine its fruit (Matthew 7:16-18).  Good soul ties will bear good fruit; examples being love, blessing, fidelity, loyalty, honor, righteousness, etc.  The overall effect of the good soul tie will be to strengthen our emotional wholeness and our walk with God.  Bad soul ties will bear bad fruit, examples being hatred, resentment, curses, manipulation, anger, strife, jealousy, control, bitterness, etc.  The overall effect of bad soul ties will be to hold us back from enjoying our relationship with God and to keep us in bondage to whatever we struggle with.

Cutting soul ties: 
We can cut soul ties by praying in the authority of Jesus Christ.  The idea is to identify the source, confess/repent from any sin you committed related to it, cut the ties in Jesus' name, ask God to remove all negative effects and ask for restoration to wholeness.   If you are cutting soul ties related to an object, be sure to destroy the object and remove it from your home.  Here's a sample prayer:

"Father God,  I thank you for saving me from destruction.  I praise you for sending Jesus to die for my sins.  Please forgive me for my sins against you.  Specifically, I confess that I ______________(details of the sin & names).    I repent of that sin and renounce it now.   Lord, please purify my heart from this sin, the memory of it and any associated fantasy I have entertained in my mind regarding it.   In the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood shed on the cross, I cut myself free from any soul ties that may have been established with _______ (name (s) or specific objects).   I commit him/her/them to the care of Jesus Christ for him to do with as he wills.  Satan, I rebuke you in all your works and ways.  I rebuke any evil spirits that have a foothold in me.  In the name of Jesus, I command you evil spirits to leave me and go directly to Jesus Christ.   Father, please heal my soul of any wounds resulting from these soul ties.  Please reintegrate any part of me that may have been detained through this/these soul ties and restore me to wholeness.  I also ask that you will reintegrate any part of the person(s) I sinned with that has been detained in me, and restore them to wholeness.  Thank you, Lord, for your healing power and your perfect love for me.  May I glorify you with my life from this point forward.  In Jesus'  name, Amen."

For those who feel uncomfortable cutting the soul ties themselves, here is a prayer that asks God to cut the ties for us:

"Father God,  Thank you for saving me from destruction.  I praise you for sending Jesus to die for my sins.  Specifically, I confess that I have sinned in the following ways: ______________(details of the sin & names).   I repent from those sins and renounce them now.  Please forgive me and cleanse my conscience with the blood of Jesus.   Lord, please cut the unhealthy soul ties between me and  _______ (list name (s)).   Please restore me to wholeness in spirit, soul and body and reintegrate any part of me that was involved with those soul ties.  I also ask for the salvation and restoration of those people that I was involved with.  I commit him/her/them to your care.  I rebuke any evil spirits that may have gained a foothold in me from that sin.  I command you to leave me and go to Jesus Christ now!  Thank you, Lord, for setting me free to live as the new person in Christ you made me to be!  I praise you now and forever, Amen!"

Psalms 138:5 - Yea, they shall sing in the ways of the LORD: for great is the glory of the LORD.

The Lord says those who walk in His ways, even when there are problems around them, they will be singing. In other scriptures it is stated when the Lord is with you and you have the truth in you, then the joy of the Lord will be in you. This joy will not be dependent on any situation; therefore if situations change the joy will still remain.

About taking action against those who persecute you, leave that to the Lord. On our part we should not keep anger against them. For, we are not fighting against humans but against spirits that use them.

So the next time you are persecuted by anybody  or you feel troubled by the bad soul tie, start singing praises to the Lord and leave the rest to Him.
Lord, You are a glorious God. You are the only true God and I worship You. Nothing in this world can harm me when You are with me. Remind me this when I am being persecuted. I make this pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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