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My Underwater Angels?

When I was a young child I was swimming at an older friends house. I wasn't good at swimming so I had to stay in the shallow end. My friend left me outside to make us lunch so when I was all alone I thought id try the deep end since no one was there to tell me no. I jumped in and floated for a few seconds before falling to the bottom of the pool. I remember laying at the bottom looking up to see if someone would come get me but no one noticed. I started screaming under the water and flopping around but couldn't seem to get any closer to the surface. I wasn't in any pain which still surprised me to this day. All of the sudden I saw three images in the water with me. Two males and one female. I never saw them before and they knew my name. After calming me they told me how to swim to the top by kicking hards and using my arms. I did as they said and I slowly moved up. When I was almost to the surface I almost gave up because my legs and arms were tired but they cheered on and told me to keep going so I gave it one more try and made it! I was now holding on to the side of the pool. The "people" who helped me were gone. My friends mom came out and pulled me out of the pool. I told her what happened and then told my mom who said they were my angels. I've never seen them since and always wondered if they really were my angels. I also wonder if they will come to me again in the future to comfort me when my time comes to leave earth.

By  Aloha

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