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"I just quite "by accident" found your website, and read the testimony of playboy Model Erica Rose Campbell Porn Star Erica comes back to Jesus !!! and I found it highly instructive as it tied together a number of things for me in this area. All I can say, is "wow". I am a former witch. During the reading, I found myself nodding emphatically and almost broke down in tears! I just would like to add that, Satan is real. I too, want to give my testimony as a former witch, It is unfortunate that so many have been deceived by this so called "witchcraft". May the Lord Jesus open the eyes of other witches and may repent and come to Him. Thanks again for this wonderful website.

You asked how I got into witchcraft (and yes, absolutely, it DOES work!)--well, it's in the family to begin with. All women in my mom's family were witches from day 1. She's German (a war bride) and lived thru WWII. Her hatred of God is unbelievable. She would always tell me her war stories when I was growing up--imagine telling a 4, 5 year old kid about shot up people and bombs and bullets going off everywhere. Her favorite one is where the street melted from the heat of the fires and bombs...a woman was stuck in the melted street holding a baby up high trying to save it from the flames. There was no way to save them and she cried out to God to help them. Nothing happened. She watched the woman and baby burn up before her eyes. As she tells the story, you can see evil taking over her. She shakes her fist to heaven and says "where was God?". Of course that proves he doesn't exist.

Well, it wore me down and by age 8, I had had enough of this "God" that either (a) did not exist or (b) was so unimaginably horrible, I would hate him too. That night I cursed God (age 8) and decided I would follow Satan. Don't laugh--my entry point into the occult was fairy tales. I studied those things and learned about trolls, magic wands, fairies, elves, witches, spell casting...all from fairy tales. Spirit guides were assigned to me by age 12 and I really took off. Yes witchcraft works. It's all about power and control and the power is INSTANT. Immediate gratification.

The price is high. I had an abortion on Walpurgisnacht 1979 (my present husband's baby). I didn't schedule the appointment for that date--it "happened"--a Satanic present. And I had a D & E. It brought me to my knees 5 years later, calling on a God I wasn't even sure existed. I asked to be sent to hell because I deserved to go there and serve my lord Satan for killing a baby. I have never in my life experienced such an agony and literally "breaking" of my heart. The sobs were uncontrollable. I felt something gentle and warm "washing" over me like water, but I wasn't wet. There was a calm and peace that entered me.

I knew I had to get rid of my occult things so I threw away everything--books, jewelry, tarot cards, toys I bought for the kids (He Man, My Little Pony--I even stripped the sheets off the kids beds because of the pictures on them). I went wild cleaning house--there were 19 trash bags out in front of the house next day. I got a King James Bible and devoured it. I read most of the day. After I read the Bible thru once, I began again. I lived and breathed Jesus Christ.

Here I am 14 years later and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for cleaning me up and setting me on my feet and covering me with himself. Thank you Lord Jesus! I am free of Satan!

Please use anything I have, say or write as you need to...there certainly ARE lots of witches and druids out there. They are young and very well educated as far as the world's standards go. They are wise in evil and their foolish hearts want only to discover themselves with all their self esteem mess. What do we expect? After throwing the Bible out of the state schools in 1962 (was it?) or 1963, we have not become atheists (there is no such thing). We have turned to magic and the occult. We have lost an entire generation to Satan and it's only going to get worse.

When I was in the occult, I had an elitist mentality and felt special and chosen. There was power and control over people, yet I was always depressed. Death was my constant companion--I almost died of spinal meningitis as a kid (after coming out of a coma, the doctors said I'd be paralyzed and never walk again, but I did), later on in life, at 16 I tried to commit suicide and failed. In my 20's, there were always "close calls", accidents that seemed to have my name on them.

In my 30's, I lost several children to late miscarriage (consequence of abortion) and almost bled to death on 3 separate occasions. Depression and violent rage tormented me. I hated everyone and became suspicious and paranoid.

Devils would talk to me, torment, scare, mock me. I heard the voice of Satan himself say to me "Dedicate yourself to the craft. You belong to me". How true. I did belong to him even though I denied he existed. Of course witches don't believe in a devil--it's just a Christian "invention". Yeah, right. I was a vegetarian because I respected life--animals and mother earth. Yet I didn't hesitate to kill a 17 week unborn child by D & E (dilation and evacuation but doctors call it dismemberment and evisceration). How's that for respecting life?

I was always empty inside. Always looking for something and never finding it. Maybe I needed to learn astrology or, maybe crystals and healing. Always searching but coming back empty.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for delivering me from the power of Satan. Problems still come. In the parable of the man who built his house on sand and the man who build his house on the Rock, the storms of life came to BOTH. The difference is, the man who built on sand had a great fall into hell. The wise man on the Rock was saved by falling on the Lord Jesus and allowing his evil self to be ground to powder, instead of stroking his selfish esteem, he put it to death on the cross with Jesus.

Life is not easy. This is a battlefield soaked in blood and tears. Thank God, it's not our home. Now, when misery comes, and I assure you it does, I remember I am nothing. Christ is everything. I am dead to my old self but alive in Christ. The Creator of the universe, a royal King, humbled himself and came down to earth under kinsman-redeemer law to buy us back with his blood. How he must have suffered on that cross for a wretch such as me who cursed and blasphemed him. I broke his precious heart in the most agonizing misery and painful death ever invented in this universe. His love and mercy are beyond human comprehension--it is alien to us. This helps me when I'm down. I have a living and loving God who picks me up when I stumble. All Satan ever did to me was use me, hurt me, mock me. Where will Satan be when you drop into hell unsaved?

The Lord Jesus is beyond price. He is worth ANYTHING you have to give up, turn your back on...whatever.Even if it costs you your life...what is that? Follow Jesus. Satan laughs at God every time someone goes to hell, because he knows it hurts God. Why would any one want to serve such a malevolent being? Eternity is a long time.

May the Holy Spirit use anything I say to change hearts and bring people to repentance. Thank you Jesus for your mission to earth and your constant intercession for us. Thank you for these wonderful people and their ministry. Please bless them and preserve them from any harm, in your precious name Jesus. Thank you. Amen.


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