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My Daughter's Angel

About six years ago, my daughter had to under go what should have been a simple surgical procedure. Something went wrong. While in the recovery room, her vitals started taking a slide downward. All of a sudden, she was critical. She knew that she was dying and I told her she was not.

After they asked me to leave the room, I went into the small room they have for family members to be alone for privacy. I started to pray. I asked God to send to me Raphael, since he is the angel that brings healing. I asked again: God, please send Raphael.

Then I heard him speaking behind me. He said, "I am here."

Then I knew in my heart she was going to be okay. They rushed her out to take her down for a MRI to see if her kidneys were bleeding. When we got on the elevator and the doors went to close, they reopened. The first thing I thought of was something was blocking the door. The male nurse and I both looked and there was nothing. Then it hit me: I told my daughter she was going to be just fine her angel just got in the elevator with us.

I had not noticed that the surgical nurse, who was female, had made no move or sound. She told my daughter when they got her inside that she saw the angel before I had said he was there. She was crying and said she had heard people who were very ill talk about seeing angels and things, but this was a first for her. Needless to say she is still with us and is soon to be a grandmother. Isn't it great?

By  xavier ferns

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