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Q: My fiancé and I both have computers in our homes. I have been totally open about my e-mail communication--he knows the passwords to both accounts that I have. But he was never open with his passwords. After he proposed to me, I asked when he would be open with his passwords, and he said after we were married.

Then about a month ago, I was on his computer and I found out why he was so secretive. He had been chatting and e-mailing with other women and also exchanging pictures--both clothed and nude. I confronted him, and he was horrified that I found out. He showed me the picture he had sent, which wasn't even of him, and he said that he never actually met any of these women.

He says he wants my forgiveness more than anything. He has deleted all of my e-mails--deleted everything related to this matter. I was there by his side when he did it.

But how can I trust him again? How do I forgive him? I have prayed about this, and talked with several Christian friends, but every day since this has happened, I can't seem to think about anything else. I have so much fear that it could happen again.

I find Guardian Angel Group as reliable and honest and helpful too. Can anyone help me in this matter !


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