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Our Mother Mary
I go to a Catholic church sometimes during my lunch break from work. There is a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima there. I have been praying for my children for her to speak to them in their sleep and remind them of God's love for them and enter into their minds, hearts and soul. 

Two weeks ago I saw the right side from the rear of this statue. Her head on this statue is slightly looking down; however, in MY sleep I saw Mary's head bowed much lower. I heard no words verbally spoken but two words entered my mind and they were: Show Reverence.

I now go there and bow my head and remember it's God's house. I kneel in front of the statue and try to recite the rosary daily now. My knees hurt and I've told Our Blessed Mother this and sit down. Today I recited the entire Joyful mysteries while kneeling. 

I went to confession and told a parish priest of this and he said it was a spiritual and sacred incident. Some may think it was just brought up because I find the statue beautiful and just saw it differently within that moment. 

Praise God I believe,

Mary Jo
By  Mary Jo Whitmore

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