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Lady of Fatima in my sleep
I have been quite diligent and going to a local chapel during my lunch break. There is a beautiful chapel with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima there. I have asked for her intercession to go into my adult children's sleep and to remind them of God and enter into their minds, hearts and souls.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this statue in my sleep but it was from the back toward middle of her right side. Mary's head was much lowered. I then was given (not spoken) †these two words: show reverence. This I pondered and felt that maybe Mary wanted me to bow down to her son more than just coming to the chapel and genuflecting then sitting down in a pew. I spoke to a priest during my last confession and told him of this and he said it was a sacred thing and could be a sign. Would anyone have similar spiritual happenings and could you possibly enlighten me a bit more?

Blessings in Christ and Our Mother Mary,

Mary Jo
By  Mary Jo Whitmore

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