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I suffer from abortion angst !

Thanks for the email about "Unborn baby grabs Surgeon". It really moved me to tears, and I cried and cried and cried...

I HAD an abortion when I was 16. It was the right thing for me at the time but I still cry about it.† Iíd only been with my boyfriend a few weeks at the time. I was still a kid myself and I didnít know if I was going to stay with my boyfriend.

It was the worst experience of my life and I would never do it again.

Iím 18 now. Iím still with my boyfriend but since the abortion my sex drive hasnít been the same. I just donít feel like it any more.† Sometimes I think back to that day. I donít regret it because I wasnít ready to have a baby, but I do wonder what Iíd be doing now if it hadnít happened.

I know it changed me and made me grow up a lot. I still cry now and again and I donít know why. Iím just confused I guess. I see people who are pregnant and it makes me think ďDo I want one?Ē or am I just thinking back to what I did?

I canít talk to my boyfriend because he wonít understand. He was there for me at the time and helped me through it. But he doesnít like talking about it any more because he says it upsets him too even though he didnít want the baby either.

I canít understand whatís wrong with me. Please help me...

THank you, God Bless your hearts...† I know you do have the heart to help†me out....


My dad a roman catholic and my mom was a Hindu and they are no more. I came to know now that my mom had aborted baby and due to this there is lots of problems in our house, there are curses, block in our life. I want to repent for my parent sin and pray for the aborted soul. what are the curses that flow to the family after abortion?

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