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The Angel and the Rosary

My grandmother had been sick for quick awhile and it was only a matter of time before she passed away. The family was taking turns spending nights at the hospital so that she would not be alone when she died. My grandmother was a very devout Catholic who prayed for hours each day. Her last wish was that upon her passing, whomever was there in the room would say the rosary over her body.

One night, the waiting was over and my grandmother passed away in the early hours of the morning. A couple of my aunts, a few of my cousins and I were there when it happened, and remembering my grandmother's wish we joined hands to start praying. There was not one of us who could remember how to say the rosary. We were all rather distressed as we wanted to do this for my grandmother.

Just then, a Catholic nun walked into the room and asked us if there was anything she could do. I asked the sister if she could please join our circle and lead us in saying the rosary for my grandmother. She was more than happy to help us. After the prayers were said, she blessed my grandmother and left the room. I quickly went after her as we did not have a chance to thank us for helping us grant our grandmother's wish. The sister was nowhere to be seen.

My grandmother's room was situated in front of the nurse's station at the end of the hall. I asked the nurses where the sister had gone, and they looked at me strangely. They were quite certain that no one had gone into my grandmother's room. Given the early hour of the morning, it would have been impossible for someone to enter or leave without the nurses noticing. I explained to them what she was wearing and they told me that the nuns in this hospital do wear the "traditional" habit anymore. The nun that helped us did.

After the funeral, I had gone to that specific order of nuns and explained to them what happened. I had never been a religious person and have always questioned the existence of God, but I needed to know what happened. According to the sisters, they had stopped wearing that particular type of habit about 50 years ago.

Who was that sister that helped us out? My family and the other sisters say that she was sent by God to grant my grandmother's last wish. Could it have been an angel, a ghost? All I know is that she looked as real as you or I.

By  xavier

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