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Dear friends

Prayer request
pls prayer for my sister Lovey, she married a muslim, has 4 kids and converted herself as a muslim, was tortured for almost 11 years, with great difficulty my brother got her out of pakistan, she was happily living with her kids for two years, now the husband has taken the kids from her and she is in bad state, please pray for GOD to do a miracle in her life. thanks and God Bless

By :- Alice

Prayer for a gift of a child
I am married since 2 years. My hubby is doing well in his job. I am longing to be a mother and conceive since long. Please pray for me and my husband so that we are blessed with a healthy child.

By :- Mrs. Karen Coutinho

We ought not to pray supposing that if only we pray hard enough  we shall get whatever we ask for. Most of the bitterness of unanswered prayer comes from the assumption that God will juggle His universe to give us what we plead for if we plead long enough. On the other hand, many things can happen, both within and outside of the individual, in response to prayer without any setting aside of God's orderly processes.

As law breakers when we will be bought before the Judgment Seat according to the righteousness of God we are to be punished to death. The only thing that can save us is the mercy of God. Mercy overrides judgment. Mercy cannot be demanded, though it can be pleaded for. But giving or not giving is in the hands of the Lord, the mercy giver. To work towards gaining mercy is like swimming against a swift river. The only way to gain mercy is via faith, for faith and mercy are like Siamese twins.

It was only when Jesus Christ came on earth mercy was made available abundantly, so that anyone who has faith in Him will be shown mercy. It is only because of the mercy shown through faith in Jesus Christ that we can pass through the judgment of God righteousness. This mercy is not only for the end, but even today by faith in Jesus Christ the mercy brings healing and makes the river of prosperity to flow unto us. Not by what you and I have done but by the mercy shown through faith in Jesus Christ we are saved.


Lord God, You are the Lord of mercies. Father God, we come to You with a quiet and humble spirit asking that You would fill us with the power, love and humility of the Holy Spirit. Lord, may the things that we do and say today allow others to see Your works in our lives.Your righteousness calls for punishment but your mercy saves me. We thank You for the mercy You have made available to us by faith in Jesus Christ. By this mercy we tap into healing ourself in all areas of our life. Continue to touch, bless, protect, and heal our family and friends who have asked for intercessory prayer. Father, we know that each and every one of us has trials and tribulations to go through, but we also know that we have the victory through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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