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On thursday night I had this dream, I had gone to bed about 10.30 pm and I woke the first time a 12.44 am.  It felt I was sleep for hours and hours.  Anyway, the dream was about the end of the world.  This takes place when God was to bring the awaken the dead.  How is it said, The dead shall rise up or something like that.  In the dream there were a small group of us left.  I had gathered food, water and weapons, at first it was only three of us.  All of a sudden there were these dead people walking around.  I did not see any movies that talked about this.  The dead was killing the living, I had motioned some people to come where I was.   I was in the mist of angles, I was being trained with this group of people, humans, who were to help fight at the end.

We gathered more and more people and made a stand.  We sent out groups to gather more food, water, weapons and living supplies.  It felt so real, I think it started from some gas that was dropped after there were a lot of white cloud streams that these jets were flying by.  I must have waken from this dream about three times.  This had something about the end of the world and the devil for he made his appreance near the end of my dream.

The final battle between good and evil, there were Archangel Michael and Archangle Gabriel.  I won't go through most of it because this would take to long to write.  We trained and battled each other and other angels.  Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel at the training told us we were chosen to help in the fight for humanity.  I wrote everything down in my book, but anyway things were vicious in training each day. When I woke from my sleep I would have bruises and cuts on my arms and legs.  If I didn't have a bruise I'd have a cut some where.  Real as real can be. At the seventh day I felt totally at peace, then gave me weapons, Swords of light, all I can see is myself being given my sword by Archangel Michael.  He said congratulations, this was because I really was suppose to be there.  I was the last to come for some reason.  I took the sword and put in the the shealth behind my back.  Seven days of hard training, sweat, bruises and cuts. 

What this is all about I really don't know, if somehow I could harish this in be my dreams into a book it would be a best seller but I just feel these things and I can't interpret any of it.  I believe I may have told this before not in this way though but this is what basically happen in a short version. 

If someone can figure this  out at Guardian Angel, I sure would like to know what it all means.

By:-Miss Jamiea (Age 26)

Matthew 24:39
And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away: so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

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