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Catholic Connections. Are You Born Again?
Hello dear readers.
Rani was confused. Some of her Christian friends from school had approached her and asked if she had been saved and born again. She told them that she was Catholic and went to mass every Sunday. Her friends told her that in order to be saved, she had to claim Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Her friends'claims caused her to worry that she might not be okay with God. In the gospel of John, chapter 3, Jesus tells Nicodemus that no one can enter the kingdom of God unless born of water and the Holy Spirit.
Some Christian churches interpret this passage to mean that one must make a conscious decision to be baptized (Baptism as an infant doesn't count) and make a public witness, or altar call, acknowledging the lordship of Jesus in one's life.
The Catholic church teaches that Baptism is a sacrament that brings us into special relationship with God. Through Baptism, we become temples of the Holy Spirit, members of the church, and God's adopted daughters and sons, through Christ. We may not have asked to be baptized, but each day we choose to be in relationship with Jesus. We renew our baptismal grace every day of our life when we live as Jesus calls us to live. And when, as disciples of Jesus, we celebrate the Eucharist and Penance and Reconciliation, we proclaim that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, whose saving death and Resurrection have brought us new life.
So how should Rani and the rest of us respond the next time someone asks if we are born again? we should say: "Yes-every day! I was baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and I try to live in the Spirit of Christ each day and every day". Jn 3. 3-8. I hava a testimony to share as much possible with my beloved friend
Thank-you & God bless. Hope I can help Guardian Angel's team with my gift of encouragement.

By  David Veltmeyer

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