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47 things you didn't know about Barack Obama

In the aftermath of the hurricane that is the 2008 Presidential Election, many people are now asking: who is this Obama guy anyway? Where did he come from? What is his background? Does he like pie? What comics does he like? Has he ever eaten dog?

And while some of those questions have already been answered, the UK's Telegraph has found a few (well, fourty-seven) facts about President Elect Obama that you may not know.

• He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics

But which comic philosophy will he adopt in his presidency? "With power comes great responsibility" or "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!"?

• He was known as "O'Bomber" at high school for his skill at basketball

If the Republican campaign knew about this before the election, this could have come in very handy.

• His name means "one who is blessed" in Swahili

The fact that he won the presidency with the severe stumbling block of having “Hussein” as his middle name and “Obama” as his last says something, at the very least.

• His favourite meal is wife Michelle's shrimp linguini

Shrimp IS very versatile.

• He won a Grammy in 2006 for the audio version of his memoir, Dreams From My Father

Both Kenny G and Michael Bolton have won Grammys. This is not really a club you want to be associated with.

• He is left-handed – the sixth post-war president to be left-handed

A lefty for the lefties? What of ambidextrous presidents? Besides their ability to play sweet dual-necked guitars.

• He has read every Harry Potter book

Although this was a great bonding exercise to get closer with his daughter, unfortunately the hardcore Christian right will be further separated from him, and will now believe he is directly involved with witchcraft – not to mention being single handledly responsible for the inevitable manifestation of Satan on our earth.

• He owns a set of red boxing gloves autographed by Muhammad Ali

Also rumoured, less prestigiously, to own a stock standard George Foreman grill.

• He worked in a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop as a teenager and now can't stand ice cream

As a teenager, it was rumoured he also taunted kids by singing, “I haaaave some ice cream. And I’m gonna eat it all. I’m gonna eat aaalll”.

• His favourite snacks are chocolate-peanut protein bars

Better than dog meat, snake meat and roasted grasshopper.

• He ate dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper while living in Indonesia

Could set presidential mandate to include all these items at McDonald's nationwide.

• He can speak Spanish

And by the sounds of things, considering his comic collection, he isn’t too shabby with Klingon either.

• While on the campaign trail he refused to watch CNN and had sports channels on instead

Who can blame him. There were so many bells and whistles on CNN it was almost seizure-inducing, not to mention the holograms. WTF?

• His favourite drink is black forest berry iced tea

Better than black pudding iced tea, rumoured to be Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s favourite beverage.

• He promised Michelle he would quit smoking before running for president – he didn't

The amount of time taken by President Obama’s smoko breaks is estimated to equal the holiday time taken by President Bush at his Crawford Ranch – 879 days in total. (True!)

• He kept a pet ape called Tata while in Indonesia

Sigourney Weaver, Michael Jackson and Clint Eastwood unavailable for comment. Charlton Heston turns over in his grave.

• He can bench press an impressive 200lbs

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was heard to comment “He’s just a little girly man” regarding this issue, before lifting up his APV Hummer with one arm.

• He was known as Barry until university when he asked to be addressed by his full name

Shame. We could call him Bazza during his presidential visits to Australia.

• His favourite book is Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Which is fitting, as he has a whale of a job ahead of him. (OK, they cant all be gems)

• He visited Wokingham, Berks, in 1996 for the stag party of his half-sister's fiancé, but left when a stripper arrived

Allegedly, the stripper was Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

• His desk in his Senate office once belonged to Robert Kennedy

It’s nicknamed “The lucky workbench”

• He and Michelle made $4.2 million (£2.7 million) last year, with much coming from sales of his books

And, amazingly, none of them had the words "…for dummies" in the title.

• His favourite films are Casablanca and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Working in a madhouse like the White House, Barack Obama could soon be known as H.P Murphy. Just don’t let him near any pillows.

• He carries a tiny Madonna and child statue and a bracelet belonging to a soldier in Iraq for good luck

This one is confusing. Why would he keep a small version of The Material Girl and her son, Rocco, on him?

• He applied to appear in a black pin-up calendar while at Harvard but was rejected by the all-female committee.

Denied, comic-book boy!

• His favourite music includes Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Bach and The Fugees

Just as long as it’s not country, Barack, just as long as it's not country.

• He took Michelle to see the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing on their first date

Nothing like a bit of light hearted fun to get the lady in the mood! (Although, props Obama, it worked)

• He enjoys playing Scrabble and poker

At the same time?

• He doesn't drink coffee and rarely drinks alcohol

Good. The less jittery, caffeine filled fingers on the Red Button, the better.

• He would have liked to have been an architect if he were not a politician

So did George Constanza.

• As a teenager he took drugs including marijuana and cocaine

Standard procedure for any American president nowadays?

• He hates the youth trend for trousers which sag beneath the backside

Will also tell stragglers on the White House to “Get off my freakin lawn”

• He repaid his student loan only four years ago after signing his book deal

Lucky Barack. Most of our HECS debts continue on into several re-incarnations.

• His house in Chicago has four fire places

Which makes Santa’s life a living hell.

• His daughter Malia's godmother is Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita

Is her godfather Vito Corleone?

• He says his worst habit is constantly checking his BlackBerry

Well, it’s cleaner than biting his toenails at the Presidents desk.

• He uses an Apple Mac laptop

Which has lead to a call for a separation of Steve Jobs and State.

• He drives a Ford Escape Hybrid, having ditched his gas-guzzling Chrysler 300 SUV

How un-American!

• He wears $1,500 (£952) Hart Schaffner Marx suits

Marx suits eh? Hmmm. I leave that one for those who want to go there.

• He owns four identical pairs of black size-11 shoes

All perfectly designed for ass-whoopin’.

• He has his hair cut once a week by his Chicago barber, Zariff, who charges $21 (£13)

He has hair?

• His favourite fictional television programs are M*A*S*H* and The Wire

If we start to see Obama getting around in a dress, we will know his favourite character is Klinger.

• He was given the code name "Renegade" by his Secret Service handlers

Well, it’s better than “Jeff”.

• He was nicknamed "Bear" by his late grandmother

And when he was naughty, she would not feed him.

• He plans to install a basketball court in the White House grounds

Key congressional debates will also take place on court, with disputes settled by first to 20.

• His favourite artist is Pablo Picasso

Yeah, right. As if it isn’t Stan Lee, comic book boy.

• His specialty as a cook is chili

Just as long as he says away from the dog.

• He has said many of his friends in Indonesia were "street urchins"

Well, obviously that is the marijuana talking there.

So there you have it. The new American president.

Just mind your puppies, watch your dribbling skills, become a wizard and kick off with a Miles Davis cigarette - and everything will be fine.

By Jesse Perez


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