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Michael Jackson, the world-famous musician, former African-American, possible child-molester, well-known for his plastic nose, squeeky voice, shiny clothes, and metrosexual dance moves, has finally found God in Allah.

Michael Jackson's conversion to Islam came as a surprise to many.  Some would have thought it would've been Barack Hussein Obama, with his Muslim-sounding name, to announce his conversion to "the religion of peace."  Although some conspiracy theorists still cling to that hope, it's highly unlikely that any politician who voted twice for infanticide takes religion seriously.

It is not sure if Michael Jackson will attempt to promote Islam.  I could easily imagine his next album with a lot of good Middle-Eastern beats, more belly-dancers at his concerts, and a special song dedicated to Sharia Law or some other aspect of Islam.

He's likely to get criticized by the radicals & fundamentalists.  Soon we'll hear about an Afghan Sheik denouncing Michael Jackson as a heretic trying to Westernize Islam, or some other ridiculous claim.  If he decides to leave Islam, the cave-dwelling terrorists will surely send another video calling for the death of apostates & infidels.

In any case, its is extremely entertaining news of Michael Jackson's conversion to Islam.  Maybe other celebrities will follow, and it could turn into a trend.  Only time will tell.  As long as they're not stoning un-veiled women or blowing up churches, may God bless them.

Pop singer Michael Jackson converted to Islam in a ceremony in Los Angeles this week.
Interesting - I wonder if this is a final attempt to feel settled in his life now?

MICHAEL JACKSON a Jehovah’s Witness, has become a Muslim — and changed his name to MIKAEEL.
Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels.

 Michael Jackson - A guy who wants to live forever

Michael Jaclson Faked his Death?

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