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What is Misery?
  1. The state of suffering and want as a result of physical circumstances or extreme poverty.
  2. Mental or emotional unhappiness or distress.
  3. A cause or source of suffering.
  4. A physical ache or ailment.
Why Misery?
  1. Sometimes, Prayer doesn't stop the Misery; it merely diverts it from one potential victim to another.
  2. It implies they (victim) didn't pray hard enough, else their Misery would have been prevented too.
  3. Victims of such Misery carry enough emotional scars without prayer advocates adding one more: God must have intentionally turned his back on them, because he sends angels to protect the truly worthy.
  • The truly worthy, the truly unworthy, and all manner of humans in between can and do get in to miseries, raped, beaten, murdered, and have many number of horrible fates visited upon them. Belief in a world populated with invincible spirit (Angels) that can be summoned to keep watch over us by the mere utterance of a heartfelt prayer might be ever so comforting. Good people, even prayerful people, can have bad things happen to them. To think otherwise is to draw comfort from the notion that all those who have been victimized mustn't have prayed hard enough, or that deep down they just weren't good people after all.
  • Remember: Having survived a horrific storm, a slave trader promptly gave up his livelihood, became a Christian, and penned the hymn 'Amazing Grace' in thanksgiving.
  • A number of legends circulate about why John Newton, a slavetrader-turned-minister, penned the  hymn 'Amazing Grace.' Most attempt to explain the seemingly inexplicable: How could one who made his living trading in the misery of others have put into words such a powerful message of personal salvation?
  • Still, Newton's story gives us all hope — even the greatest of sinners can ultimately and meaningfully repent, and even the most half-hearted of conversions can over time work its magic.

At the End:
  • As mentioned in introduction ( Why GuardianAngel ? ):
    God's love and mercy are infinite. Therefore everything that happens to us in life, good and bad (from our viewpoint), is the best thing, of all possible things, for our salvation and the salvation of our loved ones.

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