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It was a hot summer day and we were in the midst of moving. Renee, my granddaughter, and I drove to the local post office to mail the change of address cards. When we got back to the car, it wouldn’t start. My heart sank.

I was supposed to meet my husband in 30 minutes to sign the last of the papers for the sale of our house so it was important that I leave immediately. After several more unsuccessful attempts, I prayed aloud, “Lord Jesus, please start the car.” Renee looked up at me in surprise.

Again I tried and still it wouldn’t start. Renee said matter-of-factly, “God didn’t do it.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised, but I answered cheerfully, “He will.” Again I tried to start the car and once again it failed.

“Is He trying his hardest?” Renee asked.

“No,” I answered. Inwardly I said to God, “You better do something. Your reputation with this little girl is on the line.” Just then two older men walked toward the car and they told me to try to start the car again. I did and to my surprise and relief, the car started. I thanked the men and we drove away.

As we drove away, I was puzzled. Why had the car started this time when I had done nothing differently? I said to Renee, “God did help us get the car going.” As I reflected on this later, I wondered if God had sent two angels to help start the car because one little girl’s faith in Him was at stake.

The next week we were at the post office again and Renee said to me, “We were here last time and the car wouldn’t go.”

“That’s right, but then what happened, Renee?” I asked.

“God did it,” she said with a big smile. She remembered. Yes, God started the car and He wasn’t even trying His hardest.

Thanks, Lord, for showing up at the most unexpected times and performing Your miracles. Amen.

By  Katherine Kehler

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