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Praise the Lord !
Following is my dream I have seen and I want the meaning of this dream what does it mean..............
1. Praise the Lord ! I am just walking ...One school bus with children I see ...As 'I was just walking ...walking I climb the mountain I see the cross and and lord with blood on his face ...Lord saying dont cry my kingdom will come in this earth.

2. Praise the Lord ! I am seeing myself in the dream that in my hand, I am wearing a ring and someone is coming ...And removing my ring and putting other new ring in my hand. ....when someone prays for me verse of Psalm 139 comes ...what does this mean?

3. Praise the Lord ! I seeing myself in a seminar where pastor preaching and choir singing praise and ....Worship song. One of Brother and his wife was also attending the seminar went their to ask my empty water bottle from them. But suddenly one brother started calling my name in stage ,but the holy spirit presence was so powerful that I would not stand also and fell down on the stage, and with me one girl from choir fell down. After I got up pastor told me that lord have told something about me . Afterwards pastor open his dairy it was written in red pen about me, what lord speak about me then he told me that lord wants u to do this thing. ....

4. Praise the Lord ! I am just walking above the ladder, which is lengthy in walking... where I see a house which is high above sky and in that place ,I see flower and plant are there, but when I look down, I see white color and ,I was afraid of seeing down, then I was thinking that how I walked so lengthy ladder , I wondering about, but someone takes me up to that house which in high above sky.

5. Praise the Lord ! We three friend where their and pastor called us for, pray and he told us to say blood in Jesus. And when we three friend started praying blood in Jesus continually then, I noticed my self telling that breath in Jesus. ....For eg: when I say blood in Jesus for 10 minute automatically it start coming ....Breath in Jesus. ....

Then I asked someone from my church member regarding this then she told me that lord has given u the gift .....For eg: when any person cannot breath and is kept on oxygen then. She told me to pray for that person to get breath in Jesus.
I want the meaning of breath in Jesus what does it mean..............

Praise the Lord ! ....My name is Priyanka, and I am from India,and I belong to Hindu family. From 4 years I have been in lord. We are 3 sisters go to church, but only I am water baptized. My family member does not know about water baptized , if they know about this they will not allow me to go church .And my parents are not believer and they worship idols. I request you to pray for my parents salvation. my parents are searching a unbeliever boy for my marriage.
I wanted to get married to a believer only but according to lord will in my life.
Thank you for sending me mail and keep me in our pray.

Posted By :- Priyanka

Dear Priyanka,
Possibly you are burning your midnight oil more to prove your concepts. Possibly you are honest in trying to bring out what you believe, on the basis of your understanding. But kindly examine these facts, before you conclude on your correctness. Only The  Creator God can convince Human Beings ( His Creation), because Its He who has created them. We all have been created for a purpose & That is to glorify Him. God  must Increase, While we ( human being ) must decrease & that is true glory. God speaks to the humble in the most simplest ways

Based on the dreams mentioned and logically viewing them, it looks like you want to progress in that direction only.
Secondly, to receive a clear understanding of God's righteousness, Human wisdom, knowledge or efforts will not succeed. Only God can reveal His plan towards you with the power of the Holy Spirit.

People were filled with Holy Spirit, for a particular event. This Spirit Of God, which is involved in the Creative & Redemptive work of God granted freely from Above is assured to people who have repented  their sins & desire to lead a holy life, by the atoning blood of the Lamb.

Now the Holy Spirit is God Himself. Only God can triumph over the Devil. No Human beings can overcome the Evil One.If they claim so, then the saying is true, "A divided kingdom cannot withstand for long." Which means that all is only a temporary time frame.

The Church is the only established Institution that seeks to Glorify God, even as it proclaims  the Kingdom Of God, in which the target group is all human mankind. To accept it or not is personal choices, for which all of us shall be held accountable some day.

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