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Don't these photos of Satan at the world Trade Center catastrophe tell us that the current seat of Satan's power is the World Trade Center? Don't these photos depict Satan being awakend from his hiding place in the World Trade Center? For it is the international bankers who operate from Fed, the CFR and the World Trade Center who create first, second and third world debt. Usury according to the Bible is Satan's method for enslaving the world under his priesthood, the accountants and bankers of the world (IMF, World Bank Group, WTO). All of this will usher in 666 which is an economic mark of commerce according to the Book of Revelation (Ch 13,17). This mark will also be a religious affiliation of worship which will damn the soul eternally of all who partake we are told.
2001 CNN 2001 Stellar Images
Origins: The images above come from, respectively, CNN's television coverage and a photo snapped by freelance photographer (who subsequently sold his picture to Associated Press) as New York's World Trade Center towers burned after the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001. Neither image was manipulated.

Finding demonic images in photographs and other visual representations especially those depicting scenes of death and disaster is an age-old human behavior employed to ascribe catastrophes to evil forces beyond our control.

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Bush was evil
by Muslim G on 27th Oct 2009 , 7:31 pm
I agree with the article, it was an evil act done by politicians themselves to make money, If you watch the documentary Farenheight 9/11 bye Moore, its so true. It was an inside job, and then the public was fooled into going to a war in terror killing 1 million Iraqis for Oil. Now its a fact that they are making billions from the Oil industry,
Usury (interest) is also prohibited in Islam,, But how come alot of Christians don't oppose to it ? I hope everyone will not pick and choose what is written in the bible and Quran but will come together to live in peace and beleive in One God.
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