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Guardian angels are assigned not only to every living human soul but to all the inhabitants of earth. They know exactly what you need for the development, your divine life purpose and your agenda is their agenda. Guardian Angel NEVER leave your side from birth through death no matter what mistakes you make. They love you no matter what. Everyone, even the most negative people you can think of, had and have guardian angels throughout their lives. However when humans incarnate on earth, we come down here with no memories of what we are and where we came from. We are given freedom of choice. Our guardian angels can give us guidance and love but it is our free choice whether we listen to it or not. As you can imagine, often times, negative people don't listen to their guardian angels.

 Ask help with your Angels

You must ask your guardian angels for help even though they're permanently stationed by your side.  Angels want to surround us but can't help us unless we ask. A universal law that binds angels state: "No Angels shall interfere with human's life unless asked with the exception being a life-threatening emergency".

1. Choose a regular time each day to communicate to your guardian angels. Take the best time ( I feel evenings is the best and also before going to sleep or when you first wake up will be best for some)

2.  Angels are attracted to clean, organized, quite atmospheres. Provide a welcoming atmosphere to appeal to angels.

3.  Make changes where you can in your own life and try to avoid negative people. If you can't because of your circumstances, it may take you longer to connect but keep trying, eventually you"ll be able to tune.
If you haven't done spiritual work or find it hard to relax and quiet your mind, be patient and realistic with your expectations. Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a time.

(Now remember, if you're expecting a talking hologram to appear and talk to you for a long amount of time, it's not going to happen.  Especially at first, the contact may be brief and more of a feeling than visual or hearing.
And sometimes, the answer comes through an event or moment of sudden insight. It may come to you unexpectedly during a casual phone call from a friend, something you read in book, newspaper or magazine, from a conversation between strangers you inadvertently overheard.
The main thing is to be aware and open.

Miracles do not have to be earth shattering. Miracles can be tiny happenings in your daily life that make you feel good or that make you laugh or even cry from happiness. Patience will give you the results right away.)

4. If you need help, just ask ! guardian angels and other angels, can do nothing for us unless we ask.  That's why God sent angels to be with us for life. Your angels are just waiting to be asked for help.  Don't worry about asking for too much. 
Have you ever been driving somewhere and all of a sudden had an urge to make a turn you didn't plan on then later found there was a bad traffic jam you avoided by listening to that urge and turning off the road?  That's your guardian angels assisting you. Don't forget to thank your guardian angel when you notice any correlation.

5.  Now, lets say you notice a path. It is a beautiful path filled with love. This path is very long; it seems on and on - you can't see the end of it. keep your focus on the path.

Mentally ask your guardian Angel to come forth. Express your interest in wanting to meet your angel. See an illuminated ball of light in the distance.

It may be white or may be a color. Notice the color you see is slowly coming closer and closer becoming aware that the light is getting larger as it comes to you. 

Remember, your angel may decide to make itself known in another form, this is just and example...Just let it happen

Greet your angel. You may get impressions, emotions and tingly feelings. Its not uncommon for Angels to talk to you in your own voice, so don't discount your inner voice as your imagination. Feelings of Love, Encouragement and Warmth are most common signs of Angelic contact.

Thanks your Angel for all the time that they have helped you, comforted you and protected you.
6. Now-Before I go to the next step, let me interpret an incident that was experienced by  Cinderella who studies at  St. Theresa High school, Mangor hill, Vasco da gama, Goa. ( now in VIII Std )

It was a rainy day, therefore all the students had taken their umbrellas including Cinderella, however when the school was over, as usual,  she boarded her school  bus, only then she remembered that she had left her umbrella in the classroom. Cinderella got off the bus and went to bring her umbrella, she found her umbrella in place but when she came back her bus had already left without her.

Having no option, she waited for a local bus just opposite St.Theresa's school. After about 15 minutes it started to rain and  an empty bus  without any passenger arrived and stopped to receive her.

When she was about to enter the bus, she heard someone shouting  "Don't enter that bus" at this Cinderella stopped to see who the lady was, and refused to enter the bus, (the bus conductor telling her to hurry-up and enter) and at the same time a lady telling her not to enter the bus. 
Although Cinderella was reluctant to enter the bus, she told that lady that its going to be 3 .00 pm and she has to reach home in time or else all will be worried. The lady kept saying "Don't enter that bus" " if you want to reach home in time, I will reach you, and you need not worry about me as I am a police officer, see I am wearing a police uniform" and the lady police officer reached her home safely.
This is something she will always remember.  What could have happened if she had to enter that empty bus (Only with driver and a conductor and raining too) I asked Cinderella if she thanked the lady police officer for the help given. Cinderella says she just dropped her home on her scooter (Bike) and went off.
She had never seen her before nor did she see her after,  this happened in 2005, and its 2007 today.
Thanks to Guardian Angel...
 (back to step 6)
Invite your angel to work with you. Welcome your angel so it's easier for you to work together. This will create great value in your life. Your angel may be not a fairy godmother. They can, however, help us in many ways that are often overlooked as coincidences.

Don't be irresponsible and risk your personal safty. Your guardian Angel can't override your free will.  Be positive! Your angel will guide, heal and protect you but you must me responsible for your own actions.  Don't blame others or dismiss problem in your life as "something is against you or as if someone is cursing you"

Still if you dont feel the connection !
7. Bless your house with Holy Water.  Do this every evening and also use Incense and keep your Altar Lamp burning permanently. The Altar Lamp should be oil lamp and not electric bulb.
8.  Your angel or even you can ask help with other persons angels too. If you are having problem with your loved one, plead your case to their guardian angel and ask for their angels for help and to bring peace into situation. Others' guardian angels are willing to help as long as our request are positive and won't hurt the one they are to protect. Do this even if its a big issue, it will work.
One day I was at the beach with a close friend and her daughter who was very sick at that time. Her daughter was so weak she barely had strength to walk but wanted to go to the beach that day. She looked longingly at the swing and said, " I'd like to go on the swing Mom."  But there were some teens there.  She tried to convince her daughter that it wasn't a good idea. But I said "Wait, let me ask their guardian angels to tell them to leave that area."  Of course, she gave me a skeptical look when i told her.  Who could blame her ? So I asked the teens' guardian angels to have them leave that area so that Christy could go on the swing for a few minutes. She was amazed when less than 30 seconds later they all got up and walked to different part. And she was even more amazed when, Christy was on swing, two more girls came there and started walking towards the swing. I asked their guardian angels to have them leave too. Both girls, at the same time, got a confused look on their face and turned around and walked away.  My friend never again doubted the power of guardian angels after that event.
Of course, I must add that this won't always work. It needs to be the highest need at that hour and depends on event too.
9.Ask God to bless you and your Angels. Pray that both of you are showered by the light and Love from The Divine. Just feeling your angel's energy is enough in the beginning.
10.Always pray along with your angels and saints to






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