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Miracle in Los Angeles

THE Blessed Virgin Mary Appears Enshrouded IN EFULGENT Light IN Front of Vassula Ryden during a Talk She Gave ON January18, 2009.

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 On the first day of the "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity" which is participated in by all major  Churches worldwide this miracle photo was taken.  This first day of Unity Week is also Vassula's birthday. Vassula is the one who has been receiving genuine messages by dictation in miraculous stately handwriting style for more than 23 years.  Her Mission as has been instructed to her  by CHRIST is:... "Revive My House, Embellish My House , Unite My House ".  Since  the beginning  of her call and  conversion in 1985, she has been invited  to speak and has spoken at almost 900 meetings  73 countries  6 continents. Here, in these photos, she is speaking  in one such meeting; this time in Los Angeles, California USA

 There were about 500 people  who came to hear her miraculous story and testify  themselves what the LORD is  telling us  TODAY. Signs and  Miracles have always accompanied Vassula's mission. Some of these miracles are small and some are great.   On this occasion a great miracle took place. We will show you the  following miracle.   The Woman clothed with the Sun, appeared right in front of Vassula as she was giving her talk on Unity.  The Woman clothed with the Sun who stood right in front of Vassula  illuminated  the entire room with her light. 

The Account OF What Happened

Now, Vassula  always travels with a companion on her journeys. This was one such journey in which she arrived to Los Angeles to speak to us about Unity.      One lady stated that she was taking various digital  photos through the course of the meeting   . At first, they  appeared quite normal as you  can see below.

Then,  all of a sudden a brilliant light appears! ... She was enshrouded in an intense light.

There was so much light that it was hard to even discern Vassula speaking as the Blessed Mother was appearing there as the woman clothed with the sun. " There was a very thick  beautiful golden aura around her.    The light was very bright around in front of us, and the icons behind her were also very bright .   She appeared to our  right  three times with her  veil.  Her facial complexion was beautiful, as she stood on the left side of Vassula ."
- Mr. Richard E. Najera
Santa Monica School

... The  whole auditorium was of normal dimness except in the podium area which was  lit up brilliantly.  The two icons behind Vassula were also very bright, but the  big  white screen behind her from its top to its bottom was of normal dimness, even though the screen was lit with a screen light .   I was actually annoyed and  said to  myself ' I am going out of here ...There is no way to see Vassula  because of brilliant light  streaming directly over   her head'.    I stepped back inside again, and everything in the auditorium was normally dark again; so that I could see the podium. - Sara Annunziata
Long Island,

New York
The light was emanating, only increasing its intensity.   The long banners on either side of Vassula and behind her were brilliantly shining as well. The holy icons shined brilliantly, yet the  projection screen stays normally dim.  The projection screen was illuminated by the projector while the icons were not illuminated by anything other than the Light of Heaven.

 I can assure you that there were no special lighting tricks at all.  Why, you might ask,  did she appear in this way? Vassula  herself had asked for an amazing miracle to take place here in Los Angeles , and so it has.

  She had asked for a miracle that  previous night, so that people would realize that the message  is really from GOD and that people would  really believe it.  This message which is witnessing on  unity for the   church . She stated that the LORD sent our  Mother   herself to witness to the Church about the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, and on the veracity of the True Life  in God  Message.

Who is Vassula Ryden?
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By  Stanley

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