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The Naked Soul
 The Love that brings us Home

Have you secretly dreamed of your ideal love? Have you wondered in your heart of hearts if such a person exists? Have you ever yearned for the partner who matches you perfectly? Of course you have. We all have! There is a good reason for these feelings. You do have a SoulMate, unique and belonging only to you.
We human beings are all cells in the heart of God. Every cell in God's heart has two parts – one of masculine charge and one of feminine. Every cell in God's heart has two parts – one of masculine charge and one of feminine. These are the plus and minus, the positive and negative charges that are seen in every part of Creation. This two part cell is the original "Adam and Eve" of Creation – the manifested form of God's Love. Each of us is constructed this way, and each of us has an original SoulMate.
As the embodiment of God's Love, as pieces of God's heart, we are not only made in the image of God and living within God's heart. We are actively creative as is God. Many of us realise this. Our thoughts are active and are creating our life at every moment. However, we can only create at the level of our understanding, which brings us back to the difference between "getting" and "giving."

As we raise ourselves by opening our hearts, our SoulMate will come into view. Our SoulMate has always been with us but until we reach a certain openness of heart, we cannot see him or her. When we ask God's help to open our hearts to our SoulMate, the molecules which make up our ever moving energy field go into motion, and our SoulMate actively moves toward us . We do not have to go anywhere or do anything special. We do not have to change mates. As we become Love, that Love will show itself in us and before us in our partner. We will literally call and draw our SoulMate to us.

As we grow on the SoulMate path, we understand that the person in front of us will always reflect to us perfectly the state of our Love. Even the simplest law of spiritual attraction is that "like attracts - like bell rings." In our relationship, then, we are able to see immediately if we are living from the heart or from the ego because our partner will reflect this back to us.

God asks us to look within ourselves deeply and honestly. But are we truly open to Love? It takes a strong person with a great desire for Love to admit feeling closed to Love. For some people this may be accompanied by tears or other ways of letting go of the armor and shielding we have falsely thought we needed. This opening inevitably brings the SoulMate.

As a couple makes the decision to choose Love, to open their hearts, their relationship will transform. The decision to live from the heart, to put the other person first, must be made again and again and again, on a daily basis. As Love becomes the priority, the couple's lives will shift dramatically. Then the SoulMate relationship is realised and Love becomes a living reality. This turns on that genetic SoulMate code within which awakens us into our true state – the Love that brings us Home.

" does not matter if someone 'looks within' or 'looks outside' themselves. It does not matter where they look or how, at all. It only matters that they are opening their heart to Love. And if they are then it's a promise, their SoulMate will be there. Reason: the human heart is the Heart of God, and the moment that heart is open, then All  Living Love comes pouring in to them. All, dear ones. All glorious, magnificent, splendor-filled truth of living Love.

So no matter where they think they are looking, the mind has nothing to do with this! The SoulMate is the Heart. The heart of Love. The heart of life. The heart, dear ones, of All, delivered tenderly, with greatest joy, sweet rejoicing and tenderness, immediately into view in perfection, in response to the open heart within. In one moment a truly open human heart can change everything in this world. In one moment an open heart - oh, beloved ones - is the vehicle of All God's Love poured forth through you, the very cells of the heart of Love in God. One glorious open heart and the veil is given, the light shines through - the light of living Love. For the SoulMate is the truth of you, each one, the truth of your own great heart. Twin Flames of Love creating the portal, the vessel, the Holy Grail of Love through which all things are nourished."

Secrets of a Soul Mate

Throughout the Bible, God gives us the simple yet powerful details on how to have a great marriage, telling husbands to love their wives, and wives to respect their husbands (Ephesians 5:33), both intentional choices.

Even more amazing is that out of all the possible illustrations God could have chosen, he picked the relationship between the husband and the wife to exemplify the soul-deep intimacy he desires with his bride, the church (Ephesians 5:32).

Only by accepting God in a marriage can we find the soul mate experience for which we long. Our loving God wants his children to experience deep, loving, soul-touching relationships in marriage. That kind of connection is accomplished only through committed effort.

Work, what work?

Most people don't like the idea of having to work, the moment they find their soul mate. But here's the reality: to have the soul mate—and the marriage—we're looking for, we must work. God designed real and lasting love to be something you do, not something you mystically have. Working at it is built into the system.

"Finding the SoulMate" is a great thing. But as everyone can attest, soon into marriage, without working to fan the flame, that spark would die.

After the spark and the commitment of "till death do us part," we have to set our future course as husband and wife, and commit to remain SoulMates. Certainly, we must work and work and work—and pray and pray and pray. But we also have to learn healthy ways to resolve conflict, deal with and discuss marital expectations, take marital education, and even get a marriage counselor. That's how we learn to stay together—and thus experience what it really means to have a soul mate.

"The sacred secret to becoming soul mates is pursuing a mutual communion with God." The key is the word pursuing. We pursue something by choice. We create a mutual communion by intentionally working at it. Couples who are true soul mates get that way and stay that way by continually choosing to go deeper in their relationships with God and each other. Married couples should be soul mates, as marriage is a phenomenal gift from God; there should be a connection between wives and husbands that's deeper, more intimate, more personal, and more "soul touching" than any other relationship we have. Married couples should experience a sense of being "joined at the heart," connected for a future purpose, and be "more complete" with their mate than without them.

So the real question isn't, "Have you found your soul mate?" The real question is, "Are you working, everyday, to become even deeper, more connected, and more in love soul mates?" God desires for us to have a soul mate. And the one he wants us to have is the one to whom we already said, "I do."


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