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Kissed by an Angel

Many years back, I suffered a very deep and dark depression, resulting from loosing custody of my only child. I went from being full time mom to weekend mom, and I barely could make it through a day, the loss was so intense.
After months of deep depression, I came to a breaking point, where I did not want to live with the circumstances as they pain was too great.

I cried my heart out to God so strongly, and then collapsed on my bedroom floor with a complete broken heart. I just kept asking God, Why me? Why did this turn out this way? Suddenly in the room, I heard a man's voice very clearly and calmly say, "Get up. It's not over." Then the voice repeated "It's not over."
At first I was afraid, but then an extreme peace came over me and I stopped crying and stood up.

Those words gave me hope. I went to bed and began to pray and began to cry all over again to God, when suddenly, I felt a kiss on my cheek! It was clear as day, but there was nobody with me. Once again, I was overcome with the greatest sense of peace, love and tranquility that I know only comes from God.
I fell into an immediate sleep and dreamt of the Archangel Michael standing beside my bed staring down at me with an incredible look of concern and compassion. His eyes were a spectacular blue, and he had a strong nose and beautifully chiseled face with long hair. He was wearing white and his wings wrapped around my entire bedroom as if enclosing me in a cocoon. I knew it was Michael, because he had a large sword in his hand as if to protect me. And I knew in my heart that this was who kissed me and that he was sent by God to minister to me.

The next morning, I awoke for the first time in months feeling refreshed and as if my burdens were all lifted. I actually sang on my way into work, and had such hope in my heart for the best. It was the first time I asked God to help me forgive the judge, my husband and all the people who hurt me. From that day on, my depression lifted, and I began to rebuild my life as a weekend mom.

Today, I have an excellent relationship with my now almost 15-year-old son, and we treasure our time together. His father is doing a great job raising him, and I am involved in his life 100%. We all have adjusted well, especially my son Ryan. Although I will NEVER get used to being the weekend parent, I have accepted it and do the best I can with it. I know in my heart that God sent his angel to encourage and uplift me that night when I wanted so desperately for my life to end. There is a God who loves and cares for us... and there are angels all around us, too. I experienced it firsthand and will NEVER forget it. Kissed by an Angel


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