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Sai Baba's Tricks Exposed: The link is a News from BBC Corp., Very interesting as well as Eye Opening. One of the best videos, completely exposing all fake tricks of "sai baba". One of the best video exposing the fake tricks of sai baba.

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saibaba exposed
by Greg Vaz on 26th Oct 2009 , 8:27 pm
the sound is missing. iTS A GOOD MOVE TO EXPOSE CHEATS
I'm not believer of this person
by Nancy on 26th Oct 2009 , 8:50 pm
I just feel whatever he did, just like a magic and any magician can be do the same, but people doesn't understand what he is, he just like an human being and nothing more than it. Please guys try to understand these kinds of people and do not compare them with your creator.
Have to be hanged to death
by Adv.Santana Cardozo on 27th Oct 2009 , 4:56 pm
I feel that people like these are responsible to disturb peace and harmony among religions... And have to be punished severely and in front of his devotees, so that they believe only in one GOD and not fraud like him...
Sai Baba is guided by the works of Satan
by Muslim G on 27th Oct 2009 , 7:46 pm
Sai Baba and his devotees are just people who are misguided and on the wrong path by Satan. May God (Allah) guide them to the right path. Sai baba was brought up in Hinduism and in the old Hindu scriptures of the veda it says to beleive in One God unfortunately they pick and choose what they wish to practice. Its lack of knowledge and ignorance that people do not go and search for the truth. People need to worship their creator, the One God of Moses, Abraham, Adam, Jesus, and Muhammad the last messenger who came to give the same message as previous prophets. Anyone who has a problem with that needs to go and do their research on old scriptures.
Analyse yours before comment to anyone
by Shikha Madhvi on 28th Oct 2009 , 4:00 pm
Why you blame only to Saibaba? Blame to all preatures, politician, academician, lawyer and even you can say everyone. Who is on right path? First see yourself and then blame to anyone. Hang to saibaba, he is satan, it is very easy to say. Yes! I agree that Saibaba is purely magician who influences others to establish of his seperiority and in turn gaining the popularity as well as money. Don't go on his act of influencing others but see what is behind his character. Yes i agree that he is making money but in turn all monies are being spent on cultural, academic institutions not on religious matters. Same jobs are doing our politicians, So it is hurry to react on anyone. It is advised to please first you analyse yourself. I am also not the devotee of Mr.Saibaba.
Satya Naryan Raju the So Called Sai Baba is a Rogue
by Swami Manavatavadi on 28th Oct 2009 , 9:19 pm
Baba Means the Father of the Father. In India Wisdom/Enlightement is called as the father of the humanity. So an enlightened or wise person whose life is dedicated for the wisening and enlightening of the humanity is called as a Baba. Satya Narayan Raju is an organized fool maker and superstion-darkness creater so is a rogue and no Baba. Calling him a baba is just misusing of the word.
(Swami Manavatavadi)
A scoundrel exposed
by Padmavathi on 30th Oct 2009 , 12:42 am
I saw this video with great interest, and it bears out all the rumours I've been hearing about Sai Baba. But I didn't realise the extent of his wickedness; I thought he was just greedy for power and money and preyed on the gullible, but the evidence I saw was shattering. Since the BBC is usually a reliable source of information, I presume all this is true!
Sai Baba is no godman but a clever, low-down and extremely dangerous crook. Just because he builds schools and hospitals in no way condones his atrocities - and this is exactly what they are! If only people were not so gullible! But that is asking for too much, for there will always be a Sai Baba preying on the weak and gullible!
Do not sit on judgement
by P Bala Krishna Pillai on 30th Oct 2009 , 12:41 pm
I am born and brought up from Tirupathi, not very far from Puttaparti, the abode of Sai Baba. I never met him in person till now nor i have any opinion about his divinity. We did hear/read about both positive and negative events that occurred to various devotees connecting Sai Baba.
If he is incarnation of Satan and luring people to part with money let that be so, because he is at least also returning the favours to the needy people unlike others who earn and stash away the ill gotten millions in Swiss banks. The money he earns (though donated voluntarily-no body forced them to donate) is being giving (at least partly) to wipe the tears of poor patients and quenching the throats of thirsty population of villages in the most drought prone district of the country, Anantpur. This district also gave a Chief Minister to the state of Andhra Pradesh and a President to the Republic Of India, who did nothing of this sort of help to the parched lands and throats of the Districts' population.
Let him be hanged by all means but by a person who has not committed a sin, big or small. (remember the the famous quote of the Jesus Christ) If he is to be hanged for the crime he is said to be committing, let the others who committed similar heinous crimes (big or small) also be hanged. This world will be rid of sinners.
Satya Sai Baba is a cheat.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 30th Oct 2009 , 12:58 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings. Satya Sai Baba is a cheat and not magician. If he was, then he would have come publicly as a magician. But instead he doing all tricks and pretending to be God is not only a cheat but I would brand him a imposter. Government should have taken legal action against him long back for cheating public and also for collecting crores of rupees. Money he is spending on charitable works cannot be an excuse, but first and foremost he should be persecuted for dispising and fooling people. He is spending for such activities is to whitewash his crimes.
Instead of taking action the state Government (Andhra Pradesh) is turning Nelson's eye on him. What is surprising is, many ministers and many dignitories have fallen prey and become his disciples. Even film actors have not excused from becoming his devotees but publicly petronizing this cheat. This move is from Satan. He is actively working through another cheat.Satan(serpent) deceived Eve and through Eve he succeeded in fooling Adam,so here Satan is cheating and fooling people through Satya Sai Baba. That itself is proof that Satan is at work. He knows very well that his end is near because Jesus is going to come again to distroy him along with his followers including this cheat from Andhra Pradesh.
Good that BBC has come with such video, exposing him. Since BBC has video coverage all over the world more people would come to know his activities. God's people should join BBC in their venture and distroy the stronghold of Satan. Bye.
If cheats are allowed, then there should be no law.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 30th Oct 2009 , 8:32 pm
To P.Bala Krishna Pillai,
Christian greetings.You say that we shouldn'r judge anyone.I do agree with you.And if it is so as per your opinion,there would be anarchy in India in particular and in the world in general.And also as per your say we will have to allow everyone to do as he likes as there would be no one to question them.This is alright where there is no law.Mind it we are living in a civilised society and we have to abide by the law.Without law the society will not exist.Your and our for that matter everybody's life will be at stake.India has seen many such holy men and many such men have been put behind the bars.The said so called holy man is spending money to elevate tears of poor people is good but that cannot be used as an excuse.I would rather call it an eyewash.Wrong is wrong.It has to stop.To call spade a spade is not wrong.It is also not judging but naming a cheat as cheat.My dear frien,you are giving reference of Jesus but same Jesus condemned sin,do you know that? God hates sin but not the sinner.So we Christians condemn the acts of Satya Sai Baba and not him as a individual.Rather we would be happy if he admits what he is doing and come clean before the people.That is called introspection.Gautam Buddha did it and got the enlightenment.I would call it " Atmagyan "And he become great but not God.People mistakingly call him God.But he himself never claimed to be so.If you think that you are a sinner,then get your sins washed from God so that you will become child of God.Who is that God try to find,and do what He says.I would request you to read New Testament.Start from John's gospel and there you will find God.If you read John's gospel 1st chapter and verse 1,you will come to know God.I am giving an opportunity to know God.Search and you will find.Do it please.God says. " You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.I will be found by You. " (Jeremiah 29:13,14) And I would be happy if you read some of my letters on this website.Read them.I have given specific prayer.Say that prayer and your sins will washed away.You will become child of God.Also I have given some instructions to follow after the prayer.Do that as it is very important.Bye.Do it and you will be blessed.Hallelujah.
The one who robs God' glory is Satan.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 2nd Nov 2009 , 1:47 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings.God expects us to be vigilent,so that no one should deceive us.For that every holy book that may be of any religion,has given ample instructions as to haow we should live a peaceful life.And one among them is Holy Bible.Bible teaches us to love one another and help one also teaches to bear with each other,so that all will live happily.But no holy book teaches to cheat each other and loot one another leave deceive one the so called " Baba " is a robbing and cheating gullible people day time in a broad day light.Some of his devotees argue that he is not asking money but people are offering him.I do agrre but can he not say " please don't give " Definately he can but after all greediness is luring him to do that and he is doing.Same devotees also argue saying that he is spending lot of money for charitable works.I do agrre ,but that is a mere eyewash to deceive people and to shut the mouth of opponants.
When I see people falling at his feet and worshiping him as if he is God,is utterly disgusting.No one can rob the glory of God. And the one who does is Satan.Satan was thrown out of heaven for envying God.Being jealous of God satan wanted that angels should worship him instead of God and was thrown out.In the bible it is written that one day Antichrist will come and take his seat and declare himself God and Jesus Christ will destroy him with his breath.Why? Because he declared himself as God.What Sai Baba is doing is same.He is trying to take the glory of God to himself.No one should do that which he is doing.The day is not far and people will see the end of such people.God is bearing insults and such acts from his creations that does not mean he is silent but bearing so that all will repent and come back to him.Hallelujah.Our God is a loving God.He is always ready to forgive provided they repent and come back to him.Bye.God bless you.
Sathaya Sai baba is SATAN
by Anonymous on 23rd Jan 2010 , 6:59 pm
The routes of all evil leads to him. He does not, eat, drink or sleep. He has been seen transforming into a cobra. Many attempts to kill him hav fail. A man once stabed him and the knife turnd into a snake and bit the man who stabed him. He raped over 300 boys. His hospitals are used in the black market of organs. He is the Leader of terrorist groups. He is SATAN, he told me so himself and his aim is to rule the world.
saibaba exposed
by Prem Bala Vijay on 23rd Apr 2010 , 7:10 pm
1.sai”TAN” baba”RIAN” is nothing more than a sexual predator and disgrace to humanity, far from being a Godhead.
2.sai”TAN” baba”RIAN is an incarnation of the Devil.
3.sai”TAN” baba”RIAN holds power over legal people and powerful politicians in India so he can carry on doing these terrible things.
4.sai”TAN” baba”RIAN a con man and a charlatan. And by his devilish looks it a lot more more worse than that!
Around the world other normal man older than this satan are well, healthy,can do their own personal chores by themself. But this SATAN who cheats of producing ashes for poor and gold chain for rich is now serving the punishment of his atrocities cant even walk dependant on wheelchair. The only God in this universe who is drooling, cant wash himself and wheelchair bound is this idiot sai'TAN baba'RIAN. Dalai Lama, Budha and all other holy man never performed stupid tricks like this stupid idiot.
by SUJITH PILLAI on 23rd Aug 2010 , 10:48 pm
Please stop telecasting the Bajans & programmes of sathya saibaba
by RAHUL on 7th Sep 2010 , 6:49 pm
The famous channel of malayalam Asianet is giving popularity for the black magic of Bast... Sai baba.
I need that channel to stop telecasting his programmes on friday evening....All channels have some responsibilities or duties towards society. When they telecast the greatness of the frauds like saibaba,they are harming the entire society ...If any of the employees or management of Asianet read this post,i am requesting them to stop the programme of sai...It really irritates me & many of my frends...
I want to be a BABA too
by Ajay Gandhi on 24th Apr 2011 , 11:39 pm
Amazing work Indeed Indian Babas!

Out of Rs Forty Thousand Crore how much do I need to spend on charity...10,000 Crores, 20,000 Crores, 30....Come on guys...even if I have to donate 39000 crores..would I not do that..afterall would I ever be able to make 1000 crores in a life time even if I were the best magician in the world..let alone India.

Now that this Baba is gone, we already have another exercise Baba...Baba Ramdev who is already worth 1000 crores ATLEAST which also includes a 100 acre land in Houston, Texas. Amazed sometimes, why on Earth would God ever be greedy for land if he had the whole Universe at his disposal!

Well one things for sure......I want to be a Baba too.
what about sathya claim dead in 92 years of age
by raj on 26th Apr 2011 , 1:04 pm
baba was claim that he will die at age of 92 years, but he was left his own earth before 6 years.

And where exactly he went when whole unioverse was his....?
he earned 40K crore.....unbelivable just making indians fool.......

now come on india dont give chance to another baba to fool you...
sai baba is true gods man on earth
by on 27th Apr 2011 , 3:28 pm
Sai baba is god messenger Telling us to be respectable to each other and treat each other as family. He was a man u can trust and love AlwAySmay u rest in peace and may we never forget u or your treaching we love and miss u very muCh baba.
Blind ignorance
by dominic on 28th Apr 2011 , 12:27 pm
I spent 10 years leading groups to visit Sai Baba in India and had much close contact with him. I witnessed many miracles up close and without the aid of "selective" photography. Some I saw from just a few inches away and there was no hint of fakery. His miracles are a mere distraction from his true message which is simple all are divine and we should strive to realise this and act accordingly. He has inspired millions to improve their lives and helped many thousands of deprived Indians gain access to high quality health and education. On his 70th birthday he provided clean running water to 700 villages around southern India. His accomplishments are vast including two super speciality hospitals and countless schools and colleges for all ages. It is on these achievements that he should be judged and not on allegations made by bitter and disgruntled ex devotees and minor gurus who wish to elevate themselves at the cost of others. As for the sexual allegations many people came with every kind of problem to be healed including sexual and emotional. Now would you call a gynaecologist a sexual deviant? No he is simply doing his job. Why should Baba refuse to help just to safe guard his reputation? Remember how Jesus Christ died a criminal because of false accusations by self interested bigots. Ignorance is dangerous so make sure you inform yourself of all the facts before making a fool of yourself and exposing your own ignorance and stupidity.
by Guru Shankar on 29th Apr 2011 , 7:59 am
In my opinion no man or woman should be allowed to call themselves God, but the childrens of God. Sai Baba has managed to fool the world with all his trickery for decades whiles't taking all their money, preying on the little boys sexually to fulfill his desire.

The Ministers and Leaders are followers because they need the votes to stay in office and they will not have to campaign or walk door to door begging people to vote for them. It is easy to follow Sai baba group of corruption and get all the people votes.

There are many CON MAN SAI BABA OUT there taking people money and getting rich of them, but the people are blinded by some magics and tricks. some of the people are told not to sleep with their wives and husbands, some Sai Baba tell the young girls don't get marry but it is ok for their kids to get marry.

The Ottawa Con Man who is playing Sai Baba is getting richer by the minute, building mansion, driving Mercedes Benz, BMW, childrens living a grand life syle also the Sai Baba owns real estate in Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Hamilton, Bonair just to name some cities.

Remember the India Sai Baba died leaving 9 Billion dollars while people are starving and punishing in India.

Ottawa Sai Baba Ram Singh, aka Sugrim singh, aka dharamraj Singh aks Sugreev, aka Baba and his wife Das Singh, aks Dasi, aks Margaret Singh are all frauds and just bilking people out of their hard earned money.

What is the Government doing NOTHING these people open a church at their home registered it as a charitable organization and bingo licence to collect donations and seek governments grants all Tax Fee.

The Government needs to step in YESTERDAY not now to stop this corruption.

Also the Sai Baba organization has never endorsed the Ottawa Sai Nelium as a Sai Affiliate group but yet the Ottawa Sai Nelium group is functioning as a Sai Baba group and him as God the Celestial Baba since Sai Baba hs died.

As for the person who commented on Allah, don't get me started because if Sucide bombers is what Allah is all about, and the promise of all the Virgins after death i think something is mentally wrong in the picture.

I have lost faith in God and religion because of some religion and people like Sai Baba.
We get fooled easily
by Amrut on 29th Apr 2011 , 4:39 pm
We know our senses judge the things which are not error free. Sai Baba never wanted people to call him GOD.But his work was great enough to except him as god. He loved humanity regardless of cast and creed and nationality. He had a purpose in life with it he lifted millions.

There was a time when sai baba was pained by the poverty and suffering of people. most of the times sai baba was very much worried about the peoples suffering and stopped eating food for many days. He was having devine powers and will which he used for the upliftment of the people.Miracle is one of them which he used because people at this age are driven by amazing character or performance. He used his miracle to attract people which earned him fame and also people loved him for his gift.

He wanted people to cross this ocean of life after relization. Because he knew life will repete itself if there is no proper guidence to humanity. Can any magician use his magic and cure dreaded health conditions like cancer and hart problems just by touch. Can any magician understand any religion of the world and guide them. Is it possible for common man to understand all the lenguages of the world.Can any one wright book on indepth yoga system and make it so simple that a layman can understant.

If we try to understand these things then we come to know that he was not just one of us. He attracted millions for so many years and given them good directions and teachings.He got donations from those who got convenced that he is really great man of the century. Those who did not understand his purpose and tried to look at there own selfish purpose or tried to find his errors only left him and wrote against him, and missed lifetime oppertunity to prosper spritually(gods wish).

Again comming to the point of his age.He died exactly the time he mentioned( once 95 years he said and 96 years later). If we count the month in old traditional vadic Indian calender it is 27 days( 1month = 27 days) In that calculation he is 95 years and 156 days. He did tell the exact date indirectly to avoid rush of people to prashantinilaya. He knew he will die and do not wanted to use his spritual capability to live longer. Satya sai baba was emotional at his last stage before getting admitted to hospital.

Love Sai Baba
Look at his claims which are blasphemious.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 30th Apr 2011 , 1:54 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings.I don't want to go the merits and demerits of so called Baba because by this time much has been said about him.What I am concerned about his claim.He claims that he is God.(Bhagwan) His second claim is,he is going to appear in the sky.And his third claim is,he is going to return.Even Jesus who was equal to God being Son of God,he did not equate himself with God.But he humbled himself and took the form of a servant.He(Jesus) made himself nothing,taking the very nature of a servant,became obedient to death,even death on the cross.Jesus from very childhood lived in poverty and died as a criminal.Whereas this ordinary person lived in luxury till his death,leave alone his misdeeds, died as a great saint,making a big show.That is what I want to bring to the notice of his followers and not devotees.God alone has devotees and not Baba.
Many of his followers say that he provided clean drinking water to 700 villages in Andhra Pradesh.And also spend crores of rupees on education.I do agree but the question remains as to where did he get all this money? he robbed Tom and paid to Harry,that is what one can guess.Robbing one person and helping another is not a social work.Robbery is robbery and cheating is cheating.Sin is sin and God hates sin.Sin has to be tackled I mean punished.Wages of sin is death.(Romans 6:23) And death means spiritually going to hell.This man's sins were not forgiven.And therefore he cannot go in heaven but hell.I call it "Maha Nirvaan." As I wrote on the Times of India,I write it here.He was in need of Salvation before his death.Since his sins were not forgiven,he was not saved and since he was not saved he is not gone in heaven but hell.For " Salvation is found in no one else,for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."(Acts 4:12) No other name except the name of Jesus.People may believe in anything,but what the word of God says is final because it is God's word.Baba was not saved and since he was not saved,he is gone in hell.And the who goes either in heaven or hell never comes back except Jesus Christ.Some people are equating Baba with Jesus but I would say they are fools.Creature cannot be equate with the Creator.Hallelujah!!!
Ottawa, On Canada Sai Baba?
by Sai Baba Con? Ottawa on 12th May 2011 , 5:08 am
I have heard that there are many con men purporting to be the guru sai baba. I saw this man in Ottawa, Ontario (he is listed above with all the various names he uses) but goes mostly by the name Suriv, Sugrim/Sugreev.

I saw his magic palace, his many cars and saw his daughters as well when I attened his retreat. He does purport to be visited and takes on the aspects of sai baba. He has security and no pictures are allowed. The tricks he does are simple powder pellets, items hidden under the robe/cloth/handkerchief or under the seat cushion.

I have heard he was even frail when sai baba was about to pass. I have spoken to several people about this and an investigation is being launched.

It would seem that a Canadian Government Civil Servant has reached very far. I asked myself how has this family of five been able to afford their mansions, real estate (properties in so many places), the supposed degrees, the properties and the cars?

It is something that must be looked at by those who believe and by those officials who are contacted.
Does this singh family, this hindu family practices what it preaches. I do not believe so and would ask you all to investigate as we are doing as a group.

"Ottawa Sai Baba Ram Singh, aka Sugrim singh, aka dharamraj Singh aks Sugreev, aka Baba and his wife Das Singh, aks Dasi, aks Margaret Singh are all frauds and just bilking people out of their hard earned money. " This is a strong statement, but it needs to be looked at, how has a charity afforded this or rather how does a civil servant afford this? Was it the lottery? was it use of donations? WE can ask questions of this supposed guru or saint can we not?

I have not lost faith in God and religion, but I believe we should question those who say the are god or god comes through them...or for that matter anyone who purports to have spirrts visit.

Don't you want to ask some questions?
There are many such Babas in this world.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 12th May 2011 , 12:36 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings.There are many such "BABAS " not only in India but in western countries.One of these is Canada.Why? Simply because western countries have become materialistic rather than spiritual.And Hindu spiritual leaders are taking advantage of it and making money.It is as simple as that.Beat the iron when it is hot,that is today's world.So no wonder if somebody is doing in Ottawa.
Some years back there was one such " Bhondu" which means con man whose name was Rajnish.He was a lecturer in Canada.He guessed the pulse of foreigners and started Ashram in Pune which is known as Osho.Spirituall he was Zero,but being shrewd he started fooling western people and thus collected not millions but billions of rupees and dollars.So what I mean is,there is no dearth of such people in India.Only the thing is, foreigners should open their eyes and try to find the truth after such each man.And take remedial actions.Until that is done,this type of things will go on.
Now just see about Sathya Sai Baba.He molested young ones,fooled many by his magic and amassed crores of rupees.He has millions of followers all over the world.His deeds are exposed but still people are following him though he is no more.Now his wooden sandles are kept so that people(fools) would worship those "Padukas" meaning wooden sandles.This will go on because these are ending days.End of this world is near.Satan is at work furiously because he knows that his days are also near.Sathya Sai Baba's work was nothing but demonic.What Bible says is true." god of this world has blinded the minds of people,so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ,who is the image of God." (2 Corinthians 4:4) In another place Bible says. " The coming of the lawless one (Satan) will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles,signs and wonders." ( 2 Thessalonians 2:9) Sathya Sai Baba was doing everything was under the influence of Satan.Such counterfeit miracles,signs and wonders only Satan and his hosts do.So Sathya Sai Baba was a follower of Satan and those who are follwing him are also following Satan.
Until people are made literate,these things will go on.What I am surprised with is, even literate mass is following him.People whether they are literate or illiterate makes no difference for Satan.For he is too shrewd if not literate.But we,Believers in Jesus can easily make out these kinds of demonic activities.Because we have the Holy Spirit.And those who have the Holy Spirit can bind the powers of Satan.For he has no power over the people or children of God.Because God is with them.Hallelujah.If anyone wants to know more about such power which can bind Satan and his hosts,visit this site and find my comments on this subject.You can aquire provided you commit your life to Jesus.How to do it,you will find in one my letters.Please visit this site and find such letters on this site.And do accordingly and God will open your eyes to see his light.Bye.God loves you.
Message to "Guru Shankar" and "Sai Baba Con? Ottawa"
by Spend your energy doing something better... on 12th May 2011 , 9:26 pm
"Guru Shankar" and "Sai Baba Con? Ottawa":

Are so you such cowards that you accuse and expose others names but you cannot not even expose your own?

Since you have been there, maybe you can share what the con man has given to you and what you have asked him for? Please share with us your experiences of what you have asked of him and what you have received from him, as you seem to be quite learned yourself.
Cowardly Behaviour
by Spend your energy doing something better... on 12th May 2011 , 10:15 pm
Dear "Guru Shankar" and "Sai Baba Con? Ottawa":

How cowardly are you to accuse and expose others but you cannot even expose your own name and hide behind fake names?

Since you are so learned, why do you not give us your experiences of what you have asked and received from this con man?
Who are the real evil?
by Spend your energy doing something better... on 13th May 2011 , 1:09 am
"Guru Shankar" and "Sai Baba Con? Ottawa", why do you hide behind a false name and look to accuse others? If you are so sure of your claims, do not hide like a fraud yourself. Maybe you are so angry because you were not given any money yourself? Let God be the judge and spend your energy helping people rather than creating more karma for yourself.
Canada Sai Baba
by Q. Imam on 13th May 2011 , 4:28 am
I've been to a few of these Sai baba meetings. They are very energetic. I heard the baba's wifes family gets a lot of money too. She has a brother in Ottawa, who works for the RCMP, and he got money to redo his patio, basement and even buy several new cars. Even some of these meetings would happen at his house.

I think God will have to deal with these people.
More materialistic, more disturbed mind.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 13th May 2011 , 12:16 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings.Day by day world is becoming more and more materialistic with modern gadgets such as TVs,computers,ipods,cell phones etc.And in coming years many more would be added to the above list.Man is trying to advance with these kind of things.But more he uses them,more he looses peace.I mean mental peace which very important.Man is in the race inventing such gadgets.These gadgets give more comfort in our lives but at what cost?
In this rat race western countries are on the forefront.But in doing so,what they lost is immeasurable.And that is mental peace.Peace is supreme.Human mind needs peace.Our body after much exhaustion requires rest,but what about our mental state? Can we restore it? No.So man is after the search of mental peace.And if anyone promises,he is tend to go after such person.That is exactly happening in India.Right from Kashmir to Kanykumari there is no dearth of such Swamiji's.All are not con men at the same time all are not sincere in their activities.Their main urge is not spiritual but something else.Mainly women and wealth.
Westerners are rich but in search of peace.Wealth is at their disposal.So they are attracted towards these so called spiritual leaders.Rajnish is gone but his disciples are running Osho at Pune.Sathy Sai Baba from Andhra Pradesh is another.There is another young Swami from Karnataka who is involved in sex scandal facing criminal action.In North there are many especiallu in U.P. and Delhi.Some are active in India and others have gone in search of better and prosperous pasture,to either America or Canada.Their main aim is to ammas wealth and live a luxurious life.Place is no bar.In india they cannot make much money,so they prefer countries like America or Canada.They know their hunting place where they would get better prey.
There is a song " Jesus is the answer for the world today " And I do agree with the poet who has recognize the pulse of time.At present only Jesus can provide lasting peace.I am speaking with my own experience.Till the age of 44 I had no peace.I had a good job as a teacher.Though the salary was not enough but main thing in my life I was missing is peace.Somebody came at my door and requested me to read Bible.He was like an angel bringing good news to me.Though i did not realize at first but later when I started reading,I realized it was true.That gave me real peace.Today after 32 years of Christian life that peace has never left me.Whether I have food or no food,whether I have money or no money,I have peace.What Jesus said is true. " Peace I leave with you;my peace I give you.I do not give to you as the world gives.Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid. " (John 14:27 ) The day I had encounter with Jesus,he gave me this lasting peace.And am enjoying this peace immensly in my day to day life.Peace has not left me neither Jesus.Both are my co-partners and I have fellowship with both,Jesus and his peace.Hallelujah.Bye.God loves you.
Demonic spirit.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 15th May 2011 , 1:10 pm
Dear friends,
Christian greetings.You must be reading much these days about con men,swamijees ike Sathy Sai Baba,Rajnish,Nityanand,Poornanand etc, in news papers and also on TV channels.Why,you may ask.The real issue is not these men but the power behind each man.And that power is from Satan.These people are just instrumental and are being used by the evil one.
Basically there are three types of spirits operating in the world.First is personal spirit,second is evil spirit and third is Holy Spirit.When man was created by God from the dust God breathed his own spirit into his nostrils and man of dust became a living being.God with his spirit gave him ability to speak,to think,to hear and to carry his daily work.Now God gave him power over every creature and asked him to rule over them.And for food God told Adam and Eve to eat fruits of the trees except one.And that tree is of knowledge.God told Adam and his wife not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge.And if they eat, they would die.God used to visit them daily and spend time in talking to them.Satan was the third party in the garden of Eden apart from God and God's family.
Adam and Eve were naked in the garden.They did not feel ashamed because they were walking in the spirit.But Satan did not like God talking to Adam and Eve and he was also jealous of them.So he decided to creat enemity between God and man that is Adam and Eve.How he deceived Eve first and then Adam,everybody knows about it.As a result Adam and Eve rebelled against God or rather Satan was the force behind in making them to rebell against God.As a result the spirit which God had deposited in them departed and both Adam and Eve died.Died spiritually.All these days of their life they were walking in the spirit.But now they started walking in the flesh.Now they felt ashamed of being naked. God had also departed from them.Now they were open to Satan's attack.Also they were subject to Satan instead of God.Thus evil spirit started operating through them.People indulging in witchcraft,magic,soothsaying,fortune telling,horoscope, all operate under this evil power.So Satan, who is having this power is the main source for such people.Their master is Satan.They have no place for God in their lives.All they do is to satisfy Satan.
Third spirit is God's spirit which is called the Holy Spirit.That is also operating in the world.God works through the Holy Spirit.God sent his Son,Jesus Christ in this world to set men free.Free from the bondages of sin.Whoever acknowledges that he or she is a sinner and surrenders one's life to Jesus,God gives his Holy Spirit to that person.And that person comes alive once again as a new person.Now he or she starts walking in the spirit of God.Such person is empowered to oprate under the Holy Spirit.Satan has no power over them.Such people have close relation with God and he is their Master.
if any person wants to have the Holy Spirit,he or she has to commit their lives to Jesus who can set them free and make them God's children.How to commit one's life to Jesus is given in one of my letters on this site.Please find and do accordingly.You will be the blessed person to live in this reched world.Bye.God loves you.
Sai Nilayam Fraud
by Response to sai nilayam fraud on 17th May 2011 , 10:21 am
It is interesting that individuals from Sai Nilayam, a fraudulent non recognized sai organization, asks people to post their names, but they do not post their own. One can only think it is the man with many names from Ottawa and Toronto and Montreal that is so hypocritically posting responses. As the commenter says, "maybe you were not given money".

It is obvious that their is someone committing fraud. But it is interesting that no one can ask questions. Why can we not question how a public servant of Canada can afford MBs, Beemers, so much property and build a mansion all within the time span of the charitable organization being created with the help of media and accounting and banking types.

Why can we not have transparency from the Ottawa Sai Baba?

How do his children afford their cars and properties only after recently graduating?

Do not Call out people who are asking questions, answer or respond to the accusations Ottawa Sai Baba.

It seems it is jonestown all over again. Is it not interesting that a man goes to India alone and comes back proclaiming to be the anointed one? No corroboration, no pictures, no video. Just his word. What he does is parlour tricks, nothing more. Let us take video and pictures. Let us see if this is true. Why can we not take a picture? Where are all the pictures that your photographers who are approved take?

Sai Baba dismissed him, the central trust (yes they are corrupt to), Ottawa Sai Center, Canada Sai Center dismissed him. But we cannot ask questions of why so much has been amassed in such a short span of time.

Who's behaviour is cowardly or fraudulent? Ottawa Sai or the people who are asking for answers or responses?

There are many of us asking questions now. From Rome, to Ireland, to Trinidad to BC.
Canada sai centers let us now get involved fully and expose this man and his family.
Toronto Sai Devotee (past tense)
Ottawa Sai Nelium
by Sai Ram on 18th May 2011 , 7:33 am
Why is everybody blaming Sugriv and his family, it is the people the followers who are stupid, and illerate to follow another human being, calling him God< Baba etc. The same happened in India the educated and uneducated put sai Baba on a pedestial and proclaim him God in the end he died just like most ordinary human being sick for weeks in hospital and then expired, No God who claims to heal people would want to face this. Sai Baba died leaving 9.5 Billion Dollars in trust without even appointing anyone to carry out his task after he is gone. Sai Baba did know he would die so soon leaving the whole organization so corrupt.

The same i think is happening in Ottawa, people are now asking what ? that Sai Baba is dead what will happen, do we support the Ottawa Sai Baba, do we ask for a refund of our donation, were we that stupid and ignorant to follow the blind. To all the followers who travelled all over the globe with Ottawa Sai Baba and wasted your money let this be a lesson to all others who are searching for god.

God is within each and everyone of us and we should look no further than in our heart for him, God is within each and everyone of us, we were created in the image of god, why are you all getting fooled by another human being proclaiming to be god.

In my opinion what you do with your life is up to you and who you follow is up to you. Think about Jim Jones the Cult Guyana Tragedy 1978, David Koresh Wako Texas fire infernio, look at all the Christian ministries Jim and tammy baker living the life with donations, these are just a few/ People you work hard think about your hard earned money. Enjoy it on your self and family.

Live life and enjoy life, do good yes but don.t be stupid and give your money because some people who claim to be god says so, or some churches says you have to.

Since there are so many goodhearted people out there, I am going to India very soon to learn the arts of Black Magics and Trickery and when i do return i expect to be treated the same given lots of money, lots of women following me, BMW's, Limo, cooks, security, and caretakers for my mansions.

I will be the annointed one, the One and Only "Prema Sai" i will send signs when the time will come in the mean time save up lots of money for me to buy my mansion and fancy cars,remember the more you give the more blessing i will give you too.

Remember all the other Sai Babas are fakes i will be the real one. I will wear a Green Robe like Robin Hood this is just another sign that i am born and i an living somewhere in Ontario Canada.

Prema Sai
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