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Felicitation of PEGASUS Winners

"We Are The Winners!!!"
Dr. Sandhya M. Bhandare Sequeira H.O.D, Dept. of English {extreme left}
and faculty member Mrs. Anita Fernandes {extreme right} 
pose with the winning team with Principal and Vice Principal {centre}

The Winning Team with their Trophy

Felicitation of the Winners at M. E. S. College Campus

Felicitation of the Winners at M. E. S. College Campus

Have a Glance at The Trophy, The number of Prizes, The Medals, The Certificates
That we WON at the PEGASUS

"Poetess Poorwa R. Naik, T.Y.B.A
The scholar being felicitated for her FIRST PLACE at  POEM WRITING.

William D'souza, T Y B A being felicitated
by The Principal Dr. R. V. Hajirnis and Vice Pricipal Dr. R. B. Patil.

That's Akshaya Singh, S Y B A
Our contestant for PEGASUS Laureate for the FIRST at monologue and the FIRST at Doopleganger
Justification of a Literary character , "We Love U Akshaya"

That's our Afghani student Mr.Alisina Sarabi
being felicitated for the Second Place at The Globe Theatre and The Rampage.

K. N Raja and Sleza Vaz both from T Y B A  being felicitated
by Dr. Maria C Rodrigues, H O D, Political Science Dept. for the FIRST prize at Cartooning. 

"That's our Phenomenally Phenomenal Woman Deepa Sasidharan
being felicitated for The FIRST PLACE at Musical Poetry."

That's the character who played Dr. Mannette at the Rampage.

That's the New Boss!!! Principal Dr. R V Hajirnis,
our great support who finally introduced
in the College after 35 long years of its existance in 2007.
Vice Principal Dr. R B Patil is looking on. All credits to the Bosses!!!


With the motto " Imagine, Create and Inspire", Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao organized its second English Literary Festival called PEGASUS- 2009, on its campus. Dr.Ramesh Gaonker, the Principal of Chowgule College, during the inauguration said that, It's one platform  where we see all the youth enthusiastic and intelligent coming under one roof and enjoying the beauty of literature, instead of just becoming book worms.”

Pegasus is believed to be a celestial golden winged  horse, and wherever it lays its foot on the earth, there’s a fountain of prosperity with abundance of knowledge coming out for the people. Meanwhile,a great importance was laid on the syllabus as there were more than 20 items to be performed but it all had to be inspired from the B. A.English Literature syllabus. Mrs. Rajashree Desai, the Head of English Department, Chowgule College said that, The fun which is created by the students with the taxing syllabus has actually made PEGASUS , a festival more than competition.” Each team consisted of 16 participants ; namely, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa (MITLONIANS), MES College, Zuarinagar (ELIZABETHANS), Carmel College, Nuvem(WORDSWORTHIANS), DMC College Mapusa (CHAUCERIANS) and this time  the floor was thrown open for the Goa University (MODERNISTS) students enrolling for the Master's degree.

The festival was for two days, on the 4th and 5th of Dec. 2009.As soon as the colleges reported they were asked to select the team name and the team names were based on the English literary movements and had to be justified in the debate event wherein the debater had to defend his team name and fight to prove that indeed it was the best era of English literature, among the other teams.Miss Ruvina Khan, the coordinator of the ELIZABETHANS of M.E.S. won the FIRST PLACE.The talent of each and every participant was judged individually as well as, a group as a whole. Individual competitions were held like, face painting, speaking on the spot, story telling, cartooning, radio jockey, grammarian, etc. But one of the most interesting event on individual basis was the Pegasus Laureate, who was crowned and the teams were asked to send their best soldier for this event. After a long and tough fight between St. Xavier’s and MES, a Xavier student was crowned as Pegasus Laureate 2009.

There were also group events like mime, Globe theatre, wherein the old English drama had to be converted in the 21st century and create a storm of laughter. The funniest moments were when Othello, a Shakespearean hero who was admired to be a tough hearted soldier, had become cool and rocking. In the 16th century Devdas had taken entry and how the section 377 liberalized the Homosexuals from all ties. This event was basically formed to bring out the creativity of the students. The most embarrassing and enjoying moments came when the participants were made to run the whole campus of Chowgules to hunt the treasure. The event was called, RUN FOR YOUR EL-DORADO. The students were praised and admired during the Bohemian Euphony, which meant that they had to select one poem from their syllabus and convert it into songs. Cicero and Ashraf S0brino, both of F.Y.B.A. provided music and helped their team to win the FIRST place in the event.The sub editorial and journalistic skills were also tested wherein they were asked to prepare a tableau featuring the happenings of Pegasus called Pegasus Rearview.

What more we could see was students turning poets and bringing out their poetic expressions so beautifully which was just beyond imagination. We could actually make out Shakespeare’s and Melton’s flow of thoughts from their mind. While it is said actions speaks louder than words, acting out mime changed the whole atmosphere while participants were black dressed with painted faces and their attempt in conveying the message was excellent. One who is bored of the casual outfits of the daily life and urging to try something unique than the Ramp Age was the best event to witness. The Egyptian traditional outfits from the play Anthony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare and the French Revolution period in Paris with the exclusive outfits were featured beautifully by the students and that too everything had to be handmade.

One can only call students to be intelligent when they show their scholarly smartness along with creativity. The real test of their IQ was taken, organizing quiz competition, making it clear that "Aha, all that is not so simple!". Well something of general knowledge was also tested by the event Extempore, wherein one topic was given on the spot and the students had to speak for one minute portraying their point of view. The function ended with Montage, all the teams played their video clipping featuring Pegasus, which once again highlighted all the events and the true spirit of the participants, which encompassed the two days competition.

But, then came the moment of pride when the winners were announced. St. Xavier’s took away the trophy of Pegasus 2009, for the consecutive second year and after a tough competition between MES and Carmel’s, MES  won the Runners Up trophy for the year 2009 with Carmelites stranding third. Apart from the medals and trophies given by the Chowgule College, Principle DR. R V Hajirnis of MES College felicitated the students for winning the Runners Up trophy even after being the first batch of English Department. “It is a moment of pride that we have been successful in competing with other colleges who have been in this field for decades,"  added Dr. Sandhya M. Bhandare Sequeira, HOD of English Department, MES College, Zuarinagar-Goa

 M.E.S. College Performing Phenomenal Woman

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