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Its Easy to Create

With Photos of your loved once, including the living members of the family, can create a professional, personal,lasting memories that can share with Everyone.

Each tribute will remain online for one year to permanently depending on the membership you choose

Share your memories of a special family member, friend or loved one and add photos to create a special feelings.

Allows you to share your memories of family ancestors,grandparents, parents, loved ones, friends, service men and women, and more.

Tiatre Academy

( Promote Tiatre to The World )


For some who enjoy the drama and showmanship of Tiatr, creating a show isn't enough; they want to make the performances happen.

Theater/Tiatre requires collaboration. While the audience watches the actors and sees the designers' work, the promotion staff remains behind the scenes working to bring in the audiences. As a promoter, start creating the advertising for your production around the time of auditions for the show.

Good promotion equals larger audiences, world wild performance, creating long-term patronage for your theater company.

Tiatr is a type of musical / dramatic popular in the state of Goa on the west coast of India where they originated as well as in Mumbai, Mangalore and Pune and with expatriate communities in the Middle East, UK, USA, Australia and Canada. The dramas are performed in the Konkani language and include music, dancing and singing. Performances are often taken from the modern social issues and stories.

The word tiatr is from the Portuguese word for theater. Tiatr songs and performances are also recorded and sold on CD and DVD in markets. They are mainly melodramas about family and domestic life, with each lyricist offering their own explanation for life's varied reasons. On April 17th 1892 the first tiatr performance was Italian Bhurgo by Lucasinho Ribeiro, staged in Mumbai.



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