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The society historically has recognized the sanctity of marriage between man and woman as central to the stability of a nation and its moral posture;

This rational moral view is now threatened by current trends that seek to distort this view toward acceptance of unions that stand directly opposed to Scriptural directives;

Many state and national leaders presently are seeking to reaffirm through legislative decrees and public statements our historic stand on the sanctity of marriage between man and woman;

The Church from its beginning has understood the Biblical model of marriage to be a sacred union between man and woman;

The Church has continued to affirm this basic belief through a practical commitment regarding moral purity which condemns homosexuality as a fleshly behavior and sinful practice;

The Church has further affirmed the sanctity of marriage between man and woman through a practical commitment addressing family responsibility by declaring,

Marriage is ordained of God and is a spiritual union in which man and woman are joined by God to live together  as one"

It is imperative that the Church now enter the arena of public debate concerning this ever-increasing threat to the sanctity of marriage between man and woman;

The Church, do reaffirm our commitment to the Word of God and its ever-present defense of marriage as a holy and sacred union between one man and one woman;

The Church do hereby state the opposition to the rising trend toward legitimizing homosexual unions;

We encourage all people to help preserve marriage as a sacred union between man and woman by living lives that model commitment to the Word of God, exemplify devotion to moral purity, and celebrate family responsibility;


The family is the foundational unit of human society, established by the creational intent of God;

The family is rooted in God’s good gift of marriage, which the Creator defines as the lifelong union of one man and one woman (Genesis 1:26–27; Genesis 2:18–25);

Scripture affirms that such a family unit is God’s design for the nurturing of children (Deuteronomy 6:4–9; Psalm 127:1–5; Ephesians 6:1-4);

The biblical vision of the family is obscured by current attempts to redefine marriage itself and to marginalize the importance of the nuclear family;

The biblical model of the family increasingly is undermined by a divorce culture that sees marriage as a temporary social arrangement;

The biblical vision of the family is eclipsed even more scandalously by domestic violence, marital infidelity, abandonment, and divorce, sometimes within our own churches;

A disproportionately large number of children reared in churches are growing up to leave the "faith of their fathers";

The Church should renew our commitment to building Kingdom families, by the recovery of the biblical understanding of the family and the acknowledgment of the permanence and responsibilities of the marriage covenant;

The Church unequivocally affirms that marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and woman and rejects all attempts to redefine marriage in terms of same-sex unions and behavior;

We call on Church and  parents to assume their responsibility as the primary protectors and instructors of their children and to devote themselves to inculcate godly disciplines in their own lives and the lives of their children;

We call on Church  ministers to proclaim the witness of Scripture to the biblical pattern of the family and its responsibilities and permanence;

We encourage every Church congregation to be intentionally involved in strengthening marriages and families through such activities as faithful preaching and teaching, biblical premarital and family counseling, and restorative church discipline;

We encourage Church congregations to pursue intentional ministry to single parent families as a non-negotiable biblical mandate, affirming that God Himself is the Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5) and that the church is God’s spiritual family (Matthew 12:47–50); and

We call on our churches to model before our culture family structures that reflect the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God and the love of Christ for His church.


The family is under constant attack from all areas of life and families are being destroyed at a rapid rate;

Presently one of every four / five marriages ends in divorce and many others fail to produce happiness and purpose;

We reaffirm our position that marriage is sacred and holy and that our church ministers prayerfully and Scripturally counsel engaged couples prior to performing the marriage ceremony;

We urge our families to return to the Scriptural pattern for families, and that they emphasize family love, concern, and communication;

Each local church emphasize family devotions and further, that they allow in their schedules for a weekly family night at home; and that church ministers set the example of meaningful family life;

That church ministers and prayer groups strive to reunite divided homes and salvage troubled marriages for the cause of Christ.


The Church gives priority to fulfilling family responsibilities, to preserving the sanctity of marriage, and to maintaining divine order in the home;

The Church believes marriage should be a lifelong commitment;

God has ordained the husband to be head of the home;

Parents are to provide substance, care, and guidance for their children;

Children are to obey and honor their parents;

The family is the foundation of society as well as the church, we recognize the responsibility to provide family-centered ministries that promote and preserve the natural family as ordained by God;

We challenge national, state, and local leaders to pledge their dedication and support to the families and serve;

In accordance with Biblical principles, we pledge our prayerful support and love for those who are faced with alternative family arrangements, broken homes, blended families, and single-parent families, as we strive to provide ministry and prayers, which will bring salvation, restoration, and hope for a brighter future.



Married men and women derive satisfaction from their spouse's happiness unlike those people who live together without marriage.

After looked into the lives of married individuals, it is found that a married person is significantly happier in life if his / her partner is leading a cheerful life.
It found no sign of such an effect on couples who are cohabiting.
The research reveals the institution of marriage induces the habit of sharing among spouses who not only share their material belongings; they also try to be part of every aspect of each other's life through smooth and rough times.
The findings shows the level of satisfaction among married people there is a positive and significant effect of the spouse's life satisfaction on the individual's own life satisfaction.
The findings also took into account people enjoying live-in relations. Surprisingly, there was no trace of such satisfaction here.
The concept of risk sharing between individuals in a non-marital relationship was found to be almost negligible.
In India,
live-in couples are still comparatively rare even in the metros.
"The level of commitment in a live-in relationship tends to be less (though there may be exceptions)," says clinical psychologist,
ecause when you are married, your family is also involved. Besides this, those who live-in also often prefer not to have children. It is also easier to dissolve a live-in relationship than a marriage because of the legal implications."
According to findings, the trend of live-in relationships has not really caught on in India, especially in the middle and upper middle classes, where marriage is still very much the norm.
But live-in relationships do occur among the upper class as an alternative lifestyle.

One of the major reasons India is admired by other countries is because of the tradition and culture instilled in the minds of our people. This mindset is now changing and taking on a new form because of western influences. That is why such questions are cropping up in our society.
I don't think there is a need to provide an alternative to marriage.
Marriage is a legal union of man and woman permitting them to live together. When two people have decided to live with each other, why don't they marry? What is the need to live together without the bond called marriage?
If they wish to live together without the legal bond, it is just that they don't believe in themselves or their relationship.  They are not sure whether their relationship will continue or not. The matrimonial ceremony is a special bondage of love, understanding and care, which is not meant to be broken just like that.  Marriage itself is a union in which two souls are bonded forever. It's a bond till the end of life.
Wanna save your Marriage? Forever!
Get Married Officially and with Blessings.

We do not favour single parents or live-in relationship and  divorce!

Divorce, Single Parents or Live-in relationship is like a fall from a building of 100th floor and in the midway still pretend "See i m bold, smart and not injured yet"
 However, The Bible teaches forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration;



Marriage is a sacrament through which God gives grace to the married persons and through them to the Church. Though intended to be a life-long commitment, when a marriage ceases to be a vehicle of God's grace, its sacramentality is diminished. The existence of historic vows is not always sufficient cause to perpetuate a marriage.

God calls us all to forgiveness and growth; spouses and former spouses must forgive each other, and the people of God must welcome all in their brokenness into God's Family and at the Altar.

Forgiveness brings growth and healing, allowing for the possibility that a previously divorced person can enter a new, vital, and sacramental marriage.

The church recognizes that even sacramental marriages may be terminated. While the life-long commitment is an important initial intent and should never be abandoned lightly, there are clear cases in which the overall good of one or more of the married individuals, the children, and others may be better served by a termination of the marriage. There are also cases in which such overall good is not as easily ascertained but in which, nonetheless, it may be a distinct possibility that divorce is the best option. In many cases only the marriage partners themselves are in a position to determine this. We believe that God is more interested in the overall good than in rigid obedience to commitments, even solemn, sacramental commitments. For this reason we recognize the validity of divorce, even though we understand it is the result of human sin.

Furthermore, we recognize that after such a divorce, life goes on. In many cases, such a productive continuance of life may include marriage to another person. As with persons who have never been married, the primary considerations for a second marriage are the same: benefits to the individuals, benefits to the ministry of the Church, benefits to others (including previous and potential children), and an intent of life-long commitment. We should not be in the position of limiting God's ability to bless through the sacrament of marriage simply because one had been involved in a previous marriage.

The church should not be afraid to publicly acknowledge the termination of a marriage. In many cases, such an admission and its associated focus on the future is a valuable healing process and a means to propel the divorced people, their families, and their friends into the regained positive outlook it is intended to provide.



A Life Partner

Sex Before or
Outside  Marriage

Divorce and


Healing Relationships

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Fresh Fire
Fresh fire let it fall
Oh God hear our call
Send Your Spirit like a rushing wind
We need fresh fire (2)

We are hungry we are thirsty
Crying out for more of You
Lord we are desperate for Your mercy
Let us burn to know Your truth
Light a flame in us now
Send Your holy fire down.

Fresh fire let it fall
Oh God hear our call
Send Your Spirit like a rushing wind
We need fresh fire (2)

We have left our hearts unguarded
We confess we’ve walked away
Lord take us back to where we started
Where we first found love and grace
Light a flame in us now
Send Your holy fire down.

Fresh fire let it fall
Oh God hear our call
Send Your Spirit like a rushing wind
We need fresh fire (2)

More of Your love
More of Your power
Send a revival
We need it now
Stir up a fire
Let it burn brighter
Let the flame burn higher… higher… higher

Fresh fire let it fall
Oh God hear our call
Send Your Spirit like a rushing wind
We need fresh fire (2) 

Revive us again………

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by vira on 1st Sep, 2007
how does one official get married
What Counts Most
by PACITA J. PREGLO on 3rd Sep, 2007
If I'm married for several years but unhappy, do the sanctity of marriage counts most? Do I have to pretend and remain in silence? and I have no right to seek my happiness and enjoy my life?
sanctity of marriage.
by Enone Lobo on 4th Sep, 2007
the live in relationships dont last and it is like prostitution. selling of r bodies IT IS NOT TRUE LOVE AS TRUE LOVE ENDURES ALOT. AND IS SACRIFICING.
I wish you joy!
by Severina Lopes on 1st Nov, 2007
I wish you joy,
I wish you all the pleasures
The world has to give,
Pleasures of a pure heart
And soul

I wish you the exhilaration
Felt atop mountain peaks,
I wish you the cool comfort
Of a shaggy, shady oak

I wish you the thrill
Of watching your children
Grow up and blossom
Into a loving, caring maturity

I wish you all the passion
That a love for the ages,
A nurturing, spontaneous love,
Can generously give

I wish you never know loneliness,
Never know pain and sorrow
To excess or extremes,
And if you do,
It gives birth to future joys

I wish you good health
Of mind, body and spirit,
That your journey through life
Be a peaceful one

I wish you friendship
The kind that supports you,
Sustains you,
And makes you stop to smile

I wish you love and friendship,
Comfort and peace,
I wish you joy!.
Specially thanks to you.
by subina on 24th Nov, 2007
Specially thanks to you. I am very impressed about this site & definitely there is so much information its just wow!!!!. keep your work going...
Patience brings harmony in relationships
by Shubert and Cyntia on 25th Nov, 2007
Patience brings harmony in relationships.

When there is a misunderstanding in a relationship I hardly put in any effort in order to understand others. I tend to become impatient and don't listen to others to understand them, because of which I start making issues about them. This only further increases the misunderstanding .

When I have a difference of opinion with someone, I need to give some time to understand and listen to the other person without preconceived notions. Only then will I be able to understand the other person's point of view. This practice will enable me to evaporate any misunderstanding I may have with others and bring harmony in relationships.
need insight
by Mary Manjula on 1st Dec, 2007
i read the topic on marriage, it is truly very informative. but if one spouse wants to respect the covenant of marriage and continue in the marriage, while the other spouse has no intention of keeping the sanctity of marriage or the vows and wants a divorce and does not want to reconcile, wat should the other spouse do. as that spouse has no choice since the divorce was not her choice but forced upon. Can that spouse remarry another divorce or a single person? please reply.
From your love xavier
by Rachel on 10th Apr, 2008
from xavier
by Sebastian D'Souza on 11th Apr, 2008
Excellent ! You have done a good job. More people should read this article. God bless you.
I found my Dream Girl from Guardian Angel / Cinderella's
by Vincenta and Vency on 11th May, 2008
First of all I Thank the owner for creating such nice websites and allowing such a nice people to join and share some very good & interesting mails. I can not forget Guardian Angel in my life and I will always be thankful to "GOD" and then to this Owner as I found my wife through this site. Me and My Wife became friends through this guardian angel and Cinderella's and we got married. I am from Bangalore and she is from Mumbai, see how we met through and got tied in one bond 'The Marriage'. We are happily married and we finished our first year and we are very happy and I feel very lucky to have such a girl in my Life as my wife. I feel i should have given this testimony long ago...sorry for the delay...
by Linus Vaz on 7th Jul, 2008
This site is beautiful. I am thankful for God for this. I pray more and more people enjoy this site
Marriage & Sex
by NEREUS on 10th Mar, 2009
V Good & educating
it is ok to marry an annuled men
by wheng on 17th Mar, 2009
i m confused now bec, married the guy that it is already married for many years but they annulled their marriage before we got married. it is sin or not?
Divorcee can marry.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 18th Mar, 2009
Dear wheng,
Christian greetings. This website has already explained in detail that if a person is a divorcee and the marriage is annulled can get married provided the concerned person has repented for her or his sins. For God sin is sin. And for every sin there is forgiveness. But the person concerned has to come out of sin and not to remain in sin. Otherwise forgiveness has no meaning. God forgives but the sinner has to repent. Generally people think repentance means to feel sorry, but it is not so. Repentance means just to about turn and not to repeat but to stop. That is repentance. So since you are married after their marriage was annulled, is not a sin. And no one should feel guilty. Repentance sets one free from guilt. One is no more under the bondage of sin. John 8 : 36 says "Therefore if the Son makes you free ,you shall be free indeed." And when the Son (Jesus) sets you free? when one repents. Wheng are you with me? By the way did your spouse repent to Jesus? If it is so, then there is no worry. And if your spouse has repented to anybody else then that repentance has no meaning. Because only Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. Jesus says that " All authority in heaven and earth is given to me." and also Jesus says that only he has authority to forgive sins. More importantly if any divorcee gets married without repentance commits adultery. He or she has not been forgiven, hence the sin remains. That has to be removed. No one can remove by himself but Jesus. So I feel your point is cleared. Bye.
by Nita on 20th Mar, 2009
I have never indulged in premarital sex or alchol. I would like to know your comments on accepting a person who has had premarital sex twice, has been a alcholic & has been to rehab....... and is now wanting to change.
Be like Jesus.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 20th Mar, 2009
Dear Nita,
Christian greetings. Let me thank you for writing this note to this website. I appreciate your boldness in writing and asking for the comments.
Last part of your letter saying... and is now wanting to change is very important. Even God and also Jesus welcomes such attitude. Jesus says " Come to me who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."(Mt.11:28) You say that he is now wanting to change. After going through the experience of premarital sex and abuse of alcohol the person concerned has learnt a lot. There are many such people in this modern society. But seldom we will find such guy you have mentioned here who has desire to change. God likes such people who are willing to change. Infact Jesus invites each and every sinner to repent so that he can set them free and give them new life. When God himself is ready to accept such sinners then who are we to reject? We have to not only sympathize him but to help him in every way. Leave alone accepting him but you should appreciate and respect his attitude. For that matter I was worst than this guy. But God was too gracious to bring me to repentance. Today I am proud to say that Jesus has changed my life. He has blessed me immensely without measure. I cannot count them (blessings) because they are many and countless. Hallelujah.
I would appreciate if both of you commit your life to Jesus and allow him to work out your future. He is God and he knows what is best for you. Bible says in Romans chapter 8 verse 28 " And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose." Dear Nita,please read this verse carefully. First of all you both are called for his purpose. Secondly all things work together for good. God has purpose in bringing you'll together and also for your good. So my advice is that you should give him chance to change. And both of you should commit your life to Jesus. Thus you'll will glorify God and allow him to work in your lives.Then you can think of getting married and not before that.You have to give him time to change.And then if you are convinced,then only you can accept his proposal and then get married. I feel I have explained your points. May our God guide you and help you to settle in your life.To commit your lives to Jesus say this prayer. " Lord jesus I believe that I am a sinner. I also believe that you died for my sins. Lord Jesus please forgive my sins and cleanse my heart with your precious blood. Lord Jesus thank you for forgiving my sins and also for cleansing my heart. Lord Jesus I commit my life to you, accept me as your child and give me your Spirit to abide in me forever. Lord Jesus thank you for accepting me as your child. Dear heavenly Father I worship and praise you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen."
If you say this prayer just believe that Jesus has heard your prayer. To day you have become God's child. He will answer your every prayer and help you in your daily life. One thing I forgot to mention. And that is both of you pray individually. You'll can come together and pray. God will protect you and also provide your need for which rest be sure. Because his promises are such. He is a faithful God. Rejoice in his name. Hallelujah. Bye.
by Nita on 21st Mar, 2009
Thank you so much for explaining things so well to me. But there is one thing that disturbs..... How can I be sure of the change & that he will not go back to his old ways? It is a big risk!
Sincerety counts.
by Sebastian D'Souza on 21st Mar, 2009
Dear Nita,
Christian greetings. Thank you for taking note of my comments and advice. Just try to ponder as to why God had to bring this guy to you and not any other girl. Secondly suppose any other decent,well educated and from a high class family a boy comes and proposes what you will do? Normally you will be too happy to accept him and get married. But can you give me guarantee that he will not do anything like this guy? I am sure your answer will be NO. After all the life we have is with risk.In everything there is risk. After all you you have to respect him for his sincerity. Suppose he had to hide and pretend to be a nice guy, what will be your reaction towards him? After all God will see your heart and I am sure God will not allow him to go back into that filth.He had enough. Your love is going to play major role in your relationship. Believe God and believe in yourself. You both can make best out of this relationship. Trust God and trust also this boy. Your trust in God will not go in vain. You both can be a model couple for the people around you. After all your prayers are there for God to act. God's eyes are always on righteous and his ears are towards their prayer. Once again I would say that life itself is a risk. You cannot afford to stand on the river bank and go on guessing. If you want to cross the river, you have to take risk and jump, else you will remain on the shore for life. I requested both of you to commit your lives to Jesus. Once you do that,he will not allow you to have bitter experience but he will always protect the sanctity of marriage. Moreover if you give him chance he will definitely love you more than his own life. In between accepting him and the marriage there will be time. Take your own time and then decide. I already gave you my opinion on time factor.So meantime keep this matter before God in prayer and see what God has to say. He will definately answer and give his guidance. Involve God into your marriage and I am sure he will not disappoint you.Our God (Jesus) is a living God. He is alive.He speaks.Only we have to give our ear to his voice. Hallelujah. Meantime I will keep you both in my personal prayer. Bye.
What is happiness?
by Sebastian D'Souza on 25th Mar, 2009
Dear Pacita Preglo,
Christian greetings.I have gone through your letter. You say that if you are married for several years but unhappy. let me take your points one by one and try to explain what I can, to my ebility. First of all what was your motive before marriage which is very very important. You wanted happiness or enjoyment.If you wanted these two,then your motive of getting marry was wrong. Because marriage is not a commodity. You have not understood the meaning of marriage. First you should try to understand that.And for that you should attend marriage counselling course where you get proper guidance. You should also try to understand what is happiness.Happiness is available in marriage.You have to workout your marriage with the help and co-operation of your spouse.You also have to note that marriage is union of two persons coming under the covenant of holy matrimony keeping God as a witness, and also keeping in mind that the union is holy and the sanctity of this union has to preserve by both.Secondly in marriage both man and woman has to give and adjust because marriage is sacrificial giving and not getting.And for that both have to adjust everything.In marriage selfishness has no place.So in marriage which is based on these three things namely sacrificial love,adustment and respect for each other.After all both the spouses have to work out and make this marriage a happy union.You have to make it.
You say that you are unhappy.My dear because your motive was wrog. And moreover your understanding of marriage was wrong.Sanctity in marriage is utmost important.Without sanctity this union of two persons cannot be called a marriage but a contract.If it works is alright and if it fails break and be seperate.In civil marriage there is no sanctity.One can make and other can break.That union has no meaning,no standing.
You are talking about enjoyment.You have neither understood the meaning of enjoyment.Once you succeed in making your marriage successful then you will definately get satisfaction,fulfillment,contentment.Enjoyment is something which is very difficult to put in words but to feel and experience.If you seek happiness and enjoyment out side marriage,you are bound to fail and there is every possibility of falling into problems.You have no right to seek enjoyment outside your marriage.And mind it if your spouse also thinks the same then what is your response? My dear friend happiness is like a oassis.Do not run after it.You are bound to fail.
Try to find out first what is happiness.So also try to find out the reason for not being happy.May be there is relational problem.Try to get proper counselling from experienced couple.If you succeed in making your marriage successful,be sure that you will be happy and also content.Finally involve God into your marriage.Without God no marriage is successful.Commit both of you,to Jesus and he will help you.For that say this prayer. " Lord Jesus I believe that I am a sinner.I also believe that you died for my sins.Lord Jesus please forgive my sins and cleanse my heart with your precious blood and make me worthy to become your child.Lord Jesus thank you for forgiving my sins.I also thank you for accepting me as your child.Lord Jesus give your Spirit which you have promised.Thank you for giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit.I commit my life to you.I also promise to read your word dialy and obey your word.Heavenly Father I praise td worship you in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen. "
If you say this prayer beleive that God has heard your prayer.Trust Him and rely on Him.He will make your marriage successful.Just keep praying and he will do the needful.Hallelujah.

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