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After-life with Riley

My fiancÚ's grandmother died five years ago, only a month or two after his little sister Riley was born. His grandmother and sister never met, but one day their mother found grandma's blanket in Riley's crib. Riley was two at the time and could barely talk, yet she was able to tell her mother that granny had given it to her. Don't forget, Riley was also too young to even understand what a grandmother or "granny" is!

Since learning how to talk, Riley has told us many things about her grandparents and about a son of theirs who died in birth. She says that granny comes to talk to her at night (possibly in her dreams?). Riley has also been known to draw pictures of past and future events in towns that are hours away from here. The strangest thing is that after a while of talking (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours), she suddenly clams up and starts speaking her five-year-old gibberish, as if someone is telling her to be quiet.

One day she was rambling on about all of the dogs that her grandmother had owned in her lifetime and we felt a cold presence in the room right behind Riley. I believe granny was making sure Riley didn't say too much. One day my fiancÚ and I were told that granny would be happy if we moved into her old house, and I cried. To hear this little girl speak of things unbeknownst to her is always truly overwhelming.

By  Sam

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